What Style of Small or Tiny Home is Right For You?

The best things come in small packages. When it comes to housing, Henry David Thoreau, a famous early tiny home enthusiast, would likely agree. His outstanding collection of essays, Walden, was a testament to the benefits of minimalist living. The book detailed his life in a 150 square foot cabin in … Read more

Liberation Tiny Homes Traditional Tumspringa

Liberation Tiny Homes introduces its entry-level home. It is an affordable and simple way to go tiny. This model has all of the features you need while remaining at an affordable price point. Everyone has a unique story, especially in the tiny house world. Each client that has walks through … Read more

The Little Bunkhouse in the Woods Plans

Joe Chipman who we covered a while back in a post called Tiny Bunkhouse in the Woods has put together an ebook of his plans and photographs of his actual build of the bunkhouse and is now offering them for sale through the Tiny House Blog. This little bunkhouse goes … Read more

Sonoma Shanty Affordable Tiny House

This is number five in our series of affordable tiny houses. Check out the previous posts here: These four tiny houses are what we have looked at so far. These tiny abodes can be constructed in most places for under $2,000. Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Getaway Cabin The France Tiny House … Read more

Simple Pop-Up Cabin

I’ve been doing a little series on affordable tiny house do it yourself or non-traditional houses for those who are interested in trying out tiny house living at a low price. Most involve some construction but they are all relatively simple to build. These are what we have looked at … Read more

Curved roofs and staircases from Roll’en Homes

After working for several years for the Jamaica Cottage Shop, carpenter and builder Greg Durocher decided to start his own tiny house business in his childhood home of Townsend, Vermont. His custom designs are not only built to handle the harsh New England temperatures and weather, but they include some … Read more

Custom Crafted Bohemian Cottages in Oregon

While tiny houses on wheels make much of the news these days, there is something to be said for a well-built tiny house on a foundation—especially when it’s located in a cozy backyard. Bohemian Cottages & Tiny Homes builds 200 square foot ADUs in Oregon. Bohemian Cottages & Tiny Houses … Read more