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April 8, 2020

Tiny Home With A View – Freestyle Spaces Vista Deck Model

Constructed in  British Columbia, Canada,

Freestyle Spaces wanted this model to really represent the beauty and form of this picturesque landscape where they are fortunate enough to call home. Since Kevin’s wife and design partner Sara has always longed for a balcony in their life to sit outside and look over the mountains, Kevin was determined to build a tiny home where you can relax outside, enjoy the view, and sip a wine or beer, no matter where you park it. Once Kevin decided that it had to have a deck on the roof, it set the wheels in motion into really making this design work.

The real challenge in the design was not only making it work within the limits of size and practicality but also to think about form and overall feel.

Everything was to stay on the theme of natural BC beauty. You can see large cedar posts and beams, in harmony with a cedar exterior finish, contrasted with dark colors to really focus the attention on the natural wood. The design has strong angles just like in nature and the curves of the spiral staircase to draw the eye in different directions.

This Tiny home combines real architectural elements with innovative design to make the Deck practical, beautiful and safe.

The Entire Handrail actually folds down for transport to get the clearance well within road height limits. The benefit of folding is that is can be reinstated very fast and easily without risking safety or having to have a Masters in engineering to assemble. The deck and handrail conform to BC code and have been verified, stamped and signed by a structural engineer.

The interior follows the natural theme, with lots of wood elements inside, find cedar, fir, oak, walnut, poplar, birch, and ash. It has a distinct design and a level of interior finishing that you wouldn’t find just anywhere. Enjoy the mountain view in the Loft bedroom also!

Freestyle Spaces is about trying new things and opening up new possibilities by having a vision, then finding a way to execute it.

Freestyle Spaces resonates with other people with vision, who are unafraid to challenge themselves and go after their goals. Theyt believe that a tiny home should have personality, and should really resonate with those that live in it. We put a lot of our personality into this model, we hope it shows.

Check out their website https://www.freestylespaces.com

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