My name is Kent Griswold and I have developed this blog because of my love of small spaces. Started in 2007 the Tiny House Blog was one of the first blogs out on the internet to start spreading the word of the modern-day tiny house movement.

My interest in tiny spaces started with my love for small simple cabins and the different ways in which they could be constructed. This and stumbling across Jay Shafer’s website Tumbleweed Tiny Houses and learning how to blog at that time.

The goal of the tiny house blog is to discover the different options available for a person looking to downsize into a tiny house or cabin.

I will be looking at different type of construction, from logs to yurts to modern and unusual. I will also do book reviews, look at alternate energy for heat and electricity.

I also want to hear your story so please contact me with your pictures and your own experiences in living simply and small. I want to encourage feedback and ideas to make this an informative blog. Stories of people who are living this dream. Pictures of tiny houses and cabins, etc.

The Tiny House Blog also publishes the Tiny House Magazine which started in 2013, an eMagazine available in PDF version and iOS. You can see it here.

Thank you for stopping by the Tiny House Blog, I hope you will find it helpful in your tiny house journey.

grandkidsMy wife and I with the grandkids in 2023

The Tiny House Blog Team

Christina Nellemann is a graphic and web designer, writer and blogger who’s been writing for the Tiny House Blog since 2008. Her work can be seen at Feline Design. Her interest in tiny houses goes back to childhood and an obsession of vardo design and cob houses. She loves to travel around the world searching for tiny houses and goes camping in a yellow teardrop trailer which gets quite a bit of attention on the road.


Alexis Stephens is a documentary filmmaker, a tiny house advocate, and co-creator of  Tiny House Expedition. She and her partner, Christian Parsons are an extraordinary journey with a purpose across North America and are perhaps the most traveled tiny house couple. Their documentary projects include a three-part educational documentary series, Living Tiny Legally, featuring the legal issues around tiny housing and how these are being overcome across the country. They are also creating a docu-series on the people, culture, and community experience of the tiny house movement and how it’s revolutionizing American housing and redefining home.