Tiny House Plans

Build your own tiny house or contract it out. High quality plans to help make your dream come to life.

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Tiny Haus
19.6’ x 7’9"

Perfect for 1-2 people if you're looking to downsize while living in a modern tiny house with an exceptional indoor-outdoor flow. It's the ideal, achievable starter home to get your foot on the property ladder!

28’ x 7’9"

A stylish tiny house for 2-3, that features a downstairs master bedroom, spacious bathroom and modern kitchen with an island! Scandi is made for you if you're a small family or a couple wanting some extra space.

Petite Maison
28’ x 7’9"

The family favourite tiny house, made to be the perfect starter home for your family, or if you want to get rid of your mortgage! The airy design will make you forget that you're living in a tiny house.

20’ x 8’4"

The METRO tiny house is the brainchild of Artisan Tiny House and is a nod to the mid-century curved travel trailers, with aluminum siding and exposed fasteners.

Sol Haus
23’ x 8’6"

The Sol Haus tiny house is a classic beauty, full of light, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability. Designed by Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design.

24’ x 8’6"

Macy Miller, an architectural designer, began construction of her tiny home in 2011, did the majority of the work herself, and created this stunner for just $11,416.16.

The Magenta
11’2" x 6’2"

Magenta Tiny House is a manifesto of temporary independent housing, against debt and mortgages. The house is built on a flat trailer. It is a heat-insulated wooden structure on all sides. The house features a sofa bed, heating stoves, a chemical toilet and a small kitchenette.

Mila Small Bungalow 
18’ x 19’

With a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area, this small footprint has everything you need for a tiny house on a foundation. Estimated cost of building materials at $27,300.

Amy Tiny 3 Bedroom
15’ x 26’

With a 410 square foot base, this tiny home would be considered small. But the fact that it has three bedrooms makes it possible for a small family to live tiny comfortably.

Sonoma Shanty 
8’ x 15’

Designed by Stephen Marshall (Little House on the Trailer) and Kent Griswold back in the early days of the Tiny House Blog.

Deek's A-Frame Cabin
8’ x 10’

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen designed cabin that is meant to be both INCREDIBLY SIMPLE to build, and affordable.

Little Bunkhouse
8’ x 8’

This little bunkhouse was designed by Joe Chipman who has put together an ebook of his plans and photographs of his build and is offering them for sale.

The Byron
24’7" x 9’10"

The Byron tiny house is a stunning, modern Australian Tiny House designed by Nadia Marshall, where she lives with her husband, Kester and their Australian Shepherd.

Don Vardo
11’4" x 6’8"

The Don Vardo tiny house is a great starter tiny house project, perfect for a detached office, guest quarters, or a weekend get-away or hide-away.

Applegate cottage

Applegate Cottage
34’ x 25’

At 643 sf (plus 200sf in lofts) this is a whole lot of home-sweet-home for the family that needs just a bit more space than a tiny. The simplicity in the design, including the open loft and common spaces, makes it comfortable while keeping the budget in control. We know people who have built this home from start to finish for around $30,000!