What Makes a Good Me Shed?

Shed photo by Sebastian Huxley

One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read was “A Place of My Own” by renowned author Michael Pollan. The book documents Pollan’s desire for a little structure of his own where he could read, write, and daydream. He also wanted to build the place with his own two … Read more

Tiny House Dweller Becomes Reluctant Lobbyist

Vera's Silver Bullet Tiny House

Vera Struck has been a lifelong sustainability and environmental advocate. Overcoming three bouts of cancer, and two with Lyme, she retired 20 years ago from a successful career in high finance, art, and consulting to pursue her intention of finding her piece of the American Dream, albeit tiny. For Vera … Read more

Stephane’s Pender Island Cabin

small home in the mountains

Stephane contacted me and wanted to share this small house that he designed for his Mom and Aunt. It is located on a small island off the West Coast of Vancouver. The design is a modest 600 square feet. The bedrooms were designed to the minimum size possible while maximizing … Read more

Starting Over in her Tiny House with Downstairs Home Office

Tracey recently moved into a 260-square-foot tiny house with a downstairs home office. She’s relieved to be starting over in a cozy home. Securing affordable housing in the Durango, Colorado, area had previously been a challenge, especially after being laid off twice and going through a devasting breakup. Fortunately, Tracey … Read more

Tumbleweed Elm for Sale in Rigby, Idaho

Tumbleweed Elm

This Tumbleweed Elm model is the most beautiful tiny home Tumbleweed has to offer. Recently made available from the City of Hailey, Idaho. A modern version of the original Elm designed by Jay Shafer. The new larger version shows how tiny house preferences have changed since the early days of … Read more

She’s lived in 3 Tiny Houses! Her Top Advice

Over the past seven years, Brenda has lived in three tiny homes in various climates and locations. This experience, including a tragic towing misadventure, has given her much wisdom. Because of this, she’s passionate about helping others interested in tiny living learn from her experience. In November 2018, Brenda’s original … Read more

Modern Kazakh Yurt

Modern Kazakh Yurt

I’ve always been a big fan of yurts. Their simplicity and strengths in all types of weather as well as their portability is a big reason to consider this type of structure. DesignBoom recently published an article about Nurgisa Architects. A company that has introduced the concept of the Modern … Read more

Modern Tiny Living Tiny House

Modern Tiny Living Tiny House

In this November issue of Tiny House Magazine, we have a great lineup of articles to keep you inspired about living the tiny house life. Meet master carpenter, Chris Strathy, who shares his journey of constructing his off-grid forever home using reclaimed materials. Discover how recycling and reusing can not … Read more