Tiny Rentals Big Returns

tiny house rentals

Not surprisingly, tiny homes and small spaces are now also gaining popularity as vacation and short-term rental options in the U.S. and around the globe. Folks looking for the simplicity and ease of a hotel room combined with the privacy and comforts of home make tiny rentals an obvious choice … Read more

Vistabule Teardrops New Daytripper Trailer

Vistabule Daytripper

Vistabule has long been one of my favorite teardrop designs. I enjoy the big windows, the ability to change the bed into a couch and work or use as a living space in bad weather. I also like the sleek design. Here is Vistabule mission statement: Vistabule is a small, … Read more

The Art of Tiny

Kari Gale tiny house

When I lived in a shepherd’s bothy on the island of Iona off the coast of Scotland, I woke up every morning to this stunning view. I could see the blue of the sea stretching out underneath the Dutchman’s cap and a small path that curved down a rocky slope … Read more

Single Story Modular Homes from Portugal

On a recent trip to Portugal, I came upon a company bringing small, modular homes to the Iberian Peninsula. Not only are these little homes mobile and portable, but they also have a simple, clean style that can fit any desire and location. Casa DIFF is a Portuguese company designing … Read more

What Makes You Feel at Home?

Natalie's completed tiny house

I discovered tiny houses when I was 16, and having a place of my own to call home was the most important piece of the future I imagined for myself. Everything else I could handle, as long as I had a beautiful, private space that was mine. I didn’t want … Read more

Hoss Port Sheep Wagons

sheep wagon

Sheep wagons and their basic simplicity and livability have been a big draw to me for many years. Wanting to share as much tiny house info as I can I am always on the lookout for interesting companies and builders of all kinds of tiny homes. I recently discovered Hoss … Read more

Pros and Cons of Floating Homes

Have you ever considered living on the water? “Liveaboards” have long lived in a wide variety of watercraft, including sailboats, houseboats, and canal boats. Today, more and more people choose a floating house. It’s an excellent hybrid option for life on the water. Enjoy the benefits of beautiful waterfront views, … Read more

Making a Shed a Home

The Shed

Like many other small business owners, 2020 was a rollercoaster for my husband and me. Our area went into lockdown and we had to close our business for almost two months. The time off allowed us to do some soul-searching. Running a production studio isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. … Read more

Tiny, Mobile Saunas by SaltSaun.NW

SaltSaun.NW towable sauna

How cool would it be to tow a mobile sauna up to your favorite kayaking or fishing lake? Come nighttime, just fire up the wood-burning stove and warm up any tired muscles or cold fingers. This is just what Dave Jaber, CEO and Founder of Bend Teardrop, does in his … Read more