Charming Tiny House for Sale in Florida

Tiny House for Sale in Florida

As a new weekly feature on the Tiny House Blog, I will showcase a tiny house for sale. This week we have a charming 20-foot tiny house with a unique loft for sale in Florida. It is located on Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee, Florida. The tiny house is built on … Read more

8 Tiny House Plans Under $100

a-frame plans

Have you been dreaming of downsizing and simplifying your Life? Tiny houses have captured the hearts of many people over the last 16 years. if you’re considering taking on your own tiny adventure, purchasing tiny house plans could be your first step toward making that dream a reality. Here are … Read more

Stuff these days is junky

Vintage items

No, you are not imagining it. Modern-day items are pretty crappy.  Crappy and expensive. I recently watched a YouTube video by Mina Le titled “clothes are so much worse now”. She uses the history of the Aran sweater and a famous Billy Crystal photo to discuss why clothes have lost … Read more

Introducing Anker SOLIX C1000 Portable Power Station

Introducing the brand-new Anker SOLIX C1000 portable power station. It’s an impressive 15% smaller than the industry average of similar capacity models. A short time ago, Anker released the significantly smaller capacity, Anker 535, with 512 Wh and 500 W. The Solix C1000 is only slightly larger in size but … Read more

ADUs as a Tiny House and Community


Every Door Is a New Beginning. Where Will Yours Take You? A popular form of tiny houses is ADUs or Addendum Dwelling Units. A small building either attached to an existing home or set within a certain distance. ADUs are usually restricted to a certain amount of square feet. If … Read more

The Trove Tiny House Plans

The Trove tiny house plans

The team at Tiny House Plans has just introduced a new set of plans for a cool tiny house on wheels. The Trove is a remarkable tiny home that holds the key to a joyful life! This thoughtfully designed residence boasts a generous 10-foot width and extends 32 feet in … Read more

Solido Tiny Houses in Berlin

tiny house

Fuchs and Hase Camper becomes a sales partner for Solido Tiny Houses in Berlin From now on, Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH will be the exclusive sales partner for tiny houses from Solido in Berlin and Brandenburg. A show house and a show office will be set up on the … Read more