32′ Gooseneck for Retired Adventurous Couple

The Macdonald tiny home

From Ottawa, Canada by Fritz Tiny Homes, featuring a slew of uniquely-functioning design elements that elevate the tiny-living experience for the retired couple now inhabiting it. This tiny home was completely designed around the life of their clients. Blending craftsman, eclectic, and modern styles, this home showcases fir timberwork, intricate … Read more

How Tiny Home Living Can Unlock Financial Freedom

tiny house

As inflation drives up prices and interest rates rise, making borrowing more expensive, it’s not surprising that 90% of Americans would consider tiny home living.  Downsizing, having less debt, being able to save for the future, and improving their impact on the planet are major motivators. A lot of Americans … Read more

Tiny Houses for Sale

tiny house for sale

Are you looking to purchase a tiny house? What are the websites to help get you started? The tiny houses on these websites are not in my location. How do I search for local tiny houses? These are all important questions when you are ready to move into tiny house … Read more

Couple’s Park Model Tiny Home on 5 Acres

Yessi and Bobby live in a beautiful 15-foot-wide park model tiny home on 5 acres in the Texas Hill Country. Fortunately for them, there are no legal obstacles to doing this in their small town. That’s why they felt confident investing in their tiny house and homestead property. As they’ll … Read more

How do I get started building a Tiny House?


I frequently chat with aspiring builders who are dreaming about taking the leap and constructing their own tiny houses. Tiny houses are cool and a big step. However, doing it yourself is a big challenge. Often some will admit it paralyzes them. Just the thought of starting such a huge … Read more

Retire Tiny dot Com for Sale


Are you interested in retirees and tiny houses? Do you have a passion for keeping this age group informed? Jan Buehner approached me recently to tell me she is retiring from her internet business and has domains, retiretiny.com & retiringtiny.com for sale. Included on the website are: Tiny Home & … Read more

50 Shades of White

painting white tiny house

Make Your Tiny House Sexier with a Coat Of Paint. When we were finishing our tiny house build in 2012, we didn’t have a ton of examples to follow. We used plans designed for tiny homes on wheels, which accounted for the weight on the trailer with interior finish choices. … Read more

NEW Folding Tiny House on Wheels

Have you ever wondered, what if a Boxabl home came on wheels? Introducing the Grande S1, a brand-new folding tiny house on wheels by PODX Go. It unfolds and folds with basically just a push of a button (and a couple simple manual actions). In just 15 minutes, it expands … Read more