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Amy a Small 3 Bedroom Tiny House
With a 410 square foot base, this tiny home would be considered small. But the fact that it has three[...]
Building A Wood-Framed Panelized Yurt
I've always been a big fan of Yurts. I love the feeling of being in the round. There are many[...]
Escape to a Simple Canvas Tent Down by the River
It’s officially summer and now is the time to head off to our nation’s lakes, coastlines, mountains, and rivers. One[...]
Retiree’s Victorian Tiny House,19th Century Living with a Modern Twist
Historian, Shorty Robbins, built a Victorian-era cottage on wheels. It provides a window in the past, a darling living history[...]
Tiny House Magazine Issue 78 – Last 24 Hours!
I look forward every month to each new issue of the Tiny House Magazine. Some stand out more than others[...]
Lloyd Kahn’s Advice on Building a Home, Reconsidering a Tiny House On Wheels, and Documenting 50 Years of DIY Dwellings
Today Your Host, Ethan Waldman's guest is Lloyd Kahn, and if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve probably seen one[...]
Cass Community Tiny House Raffle Gives Public Chance To Become Instant Homeowners
On Monday, July 8th, Cass Community Social Services (Cass) will draw the winner of their Tiny Home Raffle from the[...]
San Diego’s First Tiny House Village Also Has Rental Sites
Most people living in Southern California know about the effect of housing sprawl in this land of sun and sea.[...]
Colorado’s Tiny House Movement Continues to Grow: Latest News
Colorado is one of the top states for tiny house activity, from a booming industry to a quickly growing number[...]