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Sailboat Living: the Tiny House of the Sea
There's much learn from sailboats about the efficient use of space. In fact, you can clearly see the direct design[...]
How to Build with Aircrete: The Low Cost, Eco-Friendly Building Material of the Future with Hajjar Gibran
For about $4,000 in materials, you can build a 1000 square foot home with 4? thick walls, including the foundation[...]
Cowboy Coffee a Solo Stove and a Gaston Luga Classic Pack
A few weeks ago my son and I hiked out to a place he calls the "Fort." A friend of[...]
Unique Tips For Saving Energy in Your House
If you’re a tiny homeowner, you might be more worried about using space efficiently and fitting all your belongings into[...]
Escaping the “Hustle” in an Airstream in Baja
For much of her life, Milena Regos was hustling. Working long hours as a marketing executive and entrepreneur and burning[...]
New Tiny Home Community Approved in Georgia
One week ago Clarkston became the first city in Georgia to approve a tiny house neighborhood. The Cottages on Vaughan[...]
How Tiny House Living Sparked a Life of Entrepreneurship with Jess Sullivan
Today's episode is all about how tiny house living can spark a life of entrepreneurship… whether you were planning to[...]
Tiny House Magazine Issue 77
As I browse through this month’s issue of the Tiny House Magazine, I see a recurring theme that I wish[...]
Tiny House Designs 10×42 Tiny House Plans the Carrack
My good friend Michael at Tiny House Designs recently retired his original tiny house plans and just now started releasing[...]