You Just Bought a Tiny House: Now What?

bought a tiny house

You did it. You signed your purchase agreement and paid for your tiny home. It’s yours. Celebrate this significant purchase and relish what this next chapter in your life will be like.  Once the initial celebration is over, stress and overwhelm might start to set in. There’s a whole lot … Read more

Pod Studio Tiny Home of the Future

Pod Studio

Looking to make the world’s smartest tiny home. Pod Studio is a tiny house that expands to three times its original size. The new innovation in the tiny house world seems few and far between. Pod Studio is here to change the conception. Podform a California-based startup has a very … Read more

Low Tech Laboratory 2 – Kickstarter

Low tech laboratory 2

Experiments with rocks, wood, and mud. A second movie: rocket forge, rocket hot tub, dry stack moon gate, log joinery, mycoinsulation, sepp holzer root cellar, cob floor… Overview Welcome to the Low Tech Laboratory movie “The Sequel”, where we continue to take DIY innovation to the next level! Our last … Read more

Tiny House World Online Event

Tiny House World

Join 2,000 people on September 28th – 29th, 2023 Hurry and get an exclusive early bird invite for a 60% discount! Click Here is bringing together the tiny home industry’s leading experts, professionals, and enthusiasts on one platform for an extraordinary experience. On September 28th and 29th, get ready … Read more

Living Below the Radar in a Tiny House

Tiny House Magazine Issue 129

Welcome to the latest issue of Tiny House Magazine, where we dive into the diverse world of tiny living. This edition explores both the financial aspects and the adventurous spirit of tiny house living. In “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?” we take a closer look at the financial freedom … Read more

Renewable Water for Your Tiny Home

SOURCE® Hydropanels

What if you could create renewable water for your tiny house? I just discovered a company located in Scottsdale, Arizona that is doing just that. It works well both on-grid and off-grid. The company’s name is Source. They have designed and created Hydropanels. These can be placed either on the … Read more

Tiny House and Creating Financial Security

Creating Financial Security

Meet Laura Lynch, a certified financial planner who’s really good at helping people make their dreams of living in tiny houses come true. She’s going to tell us some cool stuff about tiny living, like how it affects your money and why it’s important to have a supportive group of … Read more

32′ Gooseneck for Retired Adventurous Couple

The Macdonald tiny home

From Ottawa, Canada by Fritz Tiny Homes, featuring a slew of uniquely-functioning design elements that elevate the tiny-living experience for the retired couple now inhabiting it. This tiny home was completely designed around the life of their clients. Blending craftsman, eclectic, and modern styles, this home showcases fir timberwork, intricate … Read more

How Tiny Home Living Can Unlock Financial Freedom

tiny house

As inflation drives up prices and interest rates rise, making borrowing more expensive, it’s not surprising that 90% of Americans would consider tiny home living.  Downsizing, having less debt, being able to save for the future, and improving their impact on the planet are major motivators. A lot of Americans … Read more

Tiny Houses for Sale

tiny house for sale

Are you looking to purchase a tiny house? What are the websites to help get you started? The tiny houses on these websites are not in my location. How do I search for local tiny houses? These are all important questions when you are ready to move into tiny house … Read more