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Win $500 Cash From

I first told you about this newly launched tiny house site about six months ago. Since that time the site has rapidly grown in popularity and has established a significant user base consisting of individuals, companies and organizations who are there to learn new information, share existing knowledge and connect with one another through meaningful […]

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PodCast – How to Downsize Your Life in 31 Days with Brenda Mason

Brenda Mason downsized from a 3,100 sf, 5 bedroom home to a 310 sf converted motor coach tiny home in just 31 days. Brenda is passionate about helping others downsize their own lives, and she recommends doing it quickly! In this conversation, Brenda shares her take and tips on downsizing, plus reflections on the emotional […]

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Is The Van Life For You, Or is it a Fairy Tale?

I had the privilege of meeting Bob Wells at Tiny House Fest Northwest. He is a huge van life promoter and loves the freedom it brings to his life. He has a popular YouTube channel called CheapRVliving and you can learn more by following him there. Bob says: “One of the frequent criticisms I get […]

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4 Things That Can Ruin Your Tiny House Experience

The idea of living a pared-down lifestyle may sound appealing. You might be dreaming of craftsmanship and quality over square footage. The thought of having the extra money in the bank at the end of each month may be driving your desire to cut down on your things and space. Living in a small area […]

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