Tiny House Magazine Issue 124

Summit Tiny Home

As the warmer months approach, we at Tiny House Magazine are excited to bring you a new issue that is filled with inspiring stories and practical tips for living the tiny house lifestyle. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, an off-grid cabin summer may be just what you need. Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and spending your days exploring the great outdoors. However, if the recent weather has got you feeling down, fear not! There …

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How Tiny Homes Are Taking Over Social Media

tiny house interior

What once started as a seemingly quirky fad in the world of real estate and development has now become a social movement that isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.  Tiny homes—they’re everywhere!  Perhaps you first heard of them from some show on HGTV or Netflix. But now, tiny houses aren’t just an interesting fad gracing your television screens. You could easily wander into any neighborhood across the country today and find a tiny home situated among the rest of the more traditional builds.  …

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Building a Beautiful Home for Only $20k with Carina Gibson

tiny house

Meet Carina Gibson, a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for building and creating sustainable structures. She started building her first tiny house in 2019 with no prior experience, driven by her desire to live more minimally and mindfully. Carina aims to promote environmental activism through her creations and draws inspiration from her Finnish-American background in her designs and life. Carina’s journey towards minimalism Carina’s journey started with her fascination with building and construction, which she couldn’t pursue while living in the city. However, a visit …

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Road-tripping in Your Mobile Tiny Home

VW bus camper

Tiny home living isn’t just about creating a static space in your ideal environment. You also have the option of having a more dynamic and spontaneous experience. Investing in a mobile tiny home is a way to gain the advantages of a simplified existence alongside the daily chance for adventure. This approach to tiny home living is becoming more popular. Social media platforms are flooded with images of people sharing the mobile spaces they’ve designed and the new vistas they wake up to every morning. …

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5 Tiny Houses for Sale in Georgia You Can Buy Now

Lister Tiny House

Ready to move into a small home in Georgia? Look no further, because one of these 5 tiny houses currently available for sale right now is sure to be perfect for you. These listings are from March 2023 Lister Tiny House Price: $67,000 Location: Ellijay, Georgia View Listing MISC: 304 sq ft with lofts, All NOAH Inspection Photos & Videos of the build are included, 50 AMP, Wall R-Value of 21, Ceiling R-Value of 31, 2 lofts: 1 staircase, 1 half staircase/wall mounted metal ladder …

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Life Living Tiny

Giving Tree Family tiny house

Have you ever felt confused? Maybe things didn’t go as you planned and you don’t know what to do. Well, that’s how Danelle Campos felt. She had a lot of problems to deal with, and it made her stop and think about everything. Sometimes, even tiny houses and their owners can have problems too. When we get hurt, a special kit designed for tiny house (or car or backpack) living has all the things we need to feel better. Do you know what a professional …

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Building a Recreational Family Room in Your Tiny House


Tiny homes can be just as practical and enjoyable as traditional homes. Still, they’re limited in space and there won’t be as many rooms. However, one room every tiny home should have is a recreational family room.  Creating a functional, recreational family room in your tiny house demands a strategy. The four tips below will help you develop that. But first, why is a recreational family space important to have in a tiny home? Designing a Recreational Space in Your Tiny Home Is Vital One …

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Tiny House Foundations with Bill Taha

tiny house on a foundation

If you’re in the market for a foundation for your tiny home and feeling uncertain about which materials to use or how to anchor it safely, you’re in luck! This week’s expert, Bill Taha, is a structural engineer with vast experience in designing modular tiny homes on wheels and permanent foundation options that are both durable and affordable. During his interview, Bill shares his valuable insights on what types of materials work best for different climates, how to secure your tiny home in place to …

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2023 Permaculture Technology Jamboree

2023 Jamboree

I’ve had the privilege of working with the people over at permies and introducing the Tiny House Magazine to the people in their forum. Julie my contact has just sent me some information about their upcoming 2023 Permaculture Technology Jamboree. The Jamboree is scheduled for July 3 to 14, 2023. Located in Missoula, Montana. I really think that this might be of interest to many of you so I’m going to share some of the basic information and give you the link to learn more …

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What to Bring With You When You Move into a Tiny Home

tiny house

One of the hardest parts of moving into a tiny home is deciding what to bring with you. Going from a traditional-sized place to live to one that’s a fraction of that size really shows you how much stuff you have. And unfortunately, most of it doesn’t have a place in your new tiny home.  However, rest assured that what you need, will. Before we talk must-brings when moving into a tiny home, there are a few things to think about.  Before You Bring Anything… …

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Her Builder Bailed with Kate Bohn

Shell of the tiny house

I’m excited to share Ethan’s interview this week with Kate Bohn. One of the inspiring members of Ethan’s online tiny house community, Tiny House Engage. In this episode, Kate shares her journey of turning her tiny house dream into a reality, even when her original builder couldn’t finish the project. With her husband by her side, Kate tackled the challenge of completing the build from an empty shell while navigating rising costs and learning new skills. Together with the help of a plumber and some …

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Building Accessibility in Your Tiny Home


Tiny homes are a great option for folks who want to scale back and live a more simplistic lifestyle.  However, tight corners, small rooms, and limited resources mean that tiny homes are generally considered inaccessible if you have a mobility disability or rely on assistance.  You should always weigh the pros and cons of a tiny home before buying one yourself. But, even the smallest of tiny homes can be made accessible with enough planning and adjustments.  Benefits of Owning a Tiny Home Tiny homes …

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