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Evolve, a Solar Teardrop Trailer Built in BC, Canada

Our Story Mike, the founder and owner of Evolve Solar Teardrop Trailers ™, has been building trailers for over 41 years. When one of his friends asked him to build a tiny camper, Mike decided to create a solar-powered teardrop trailer that would be fully insulated and waterproof. Evolve Solar Teardrop Trailers ™ was then […]

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The Dark Side – THM 75

The media, TV, Instagram, YouTube and blogs can paint a pretty exciting picture of living in tiny houses. They tend to glamorize the life and make it look like the perfect option. However, the reality of it can be quite different. This month Stephanie Kubes shares some real life experiences and emphasizes the reality of […]

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How AI Can Help You Live Your Best Life in a Tiny Home

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a staple of the new technological landscape. Technology is constantly evolving and making life easier in practically every capacity, and AI is taking that a step further so that new advancements are more accessible and user-friendly than ever. Home-based AI is making our homes smarter and our lives easier. In […]

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