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How to Start a Business From Your Tiny House

While advertisers would have you believe that we all want bigger, better, and more, more, more, there is a growing segment of the population that’s more interested in downsizing. These people live by one philosophy: Less is more! There’s another trend — one that’s been trending upward much longer than tiny-house living: home-based businesses. When […]

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Power Up An Entire Cabin With This Small Device

ChargeTech battery bank review

What’s up you guys. I’m Steven Harrell, Tiny House Listings, and today I’m out here in my off-grid property in eastern North Carolina, staying at my one of my four cabins here on the property and think this one’s gonna be my favorite. Been out here working for awhile, but that’s not the point of […]

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20 Most Asked Questions About a Composting Toilet

Compost toilets are a good solution for when Tiny Homeowners don’t have access to the septic tank. It’s a common solution, yet mysterious part for new tiny home owners. We get a lot of questions on them at ShopTinyHouses and here are some of the most common questions we get about compost toilets: † 1. […]

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