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This is number five in our series of affordable tiny houses. Check out the previous posts here:

These four tiny houses are what we have looked at so far. These tiny abodes can be constructed in most places for under $2,000.

  1. Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Getaway Cabin
  2. The France Tiny House
  3. Life inTents Bell Tent 
  4. Simple Pop-Up Cabin

Below is a repost of Marsha’s Sonoma Shanty which can be constructed initially for around $2,000 for the shell and then it depends on how you finish it as to the completed cost.

It’s fun to see a tiny house built from plans sold here on the Tiny House Blog. Marsha’s Sonoma Shanty was designed by Stephen Marshall (Little House on the Trailer) and Kent Griswold back in the early days of the Tiny House Blog.

Here are some photos of my ‘tiny house’ built from your Sonoma Shanty plans in the summer of 2010 just a quarter-mile from Lake Superior in Wisconsin. While my 10 acres do not have a lake, I am near enough to hear the waves on a windy day, and a mile from the local beach.

This summer we had a Jotul 602 woodstove installed, by September it is needed for heat at night! I’m very happy with the house. I bought seven windows made for a house at the local home store and they fill it with light.

My builder was a retired farmer who is 6’5″, so he added 4 inches to the height so the loft is more acceptable to him! I designed a bench that turns into a bed and there is also room to sleep in the loft. The size was adjusted to 10′ x 14 from the original plans.

I’ll get better interior photos next time we are up there. I live six hours away, so that is the only bad part as we can’t get there every weekend. (The first photo, the tiny house in the snow, just won a contest to be the December page in the 2012 calendar by a Wisconsin company named Wausau Supply.) The last photo shows a visiting bear – taken from the north window of the tiny house! He walked all around it and then ambled off. Never noticed us inside gawking at him! Thanks again for your great plans!

Purchase the plans HERE.


Photo Credit’s Marsha Siik

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