Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Getaway Cabin

My friend Deek is a very talented guy. He is a musician, YouTube creator, creative designer, artist, salvage expert, and a tiny house workshop host with great construction skills to teach you when you come. His website is RelaxShacks

One of Deek’s designs that is my personal favorite is his transforming A-Frame getaway cabin. I had the privilege of seeing it in person at a workshop he hosted in Tennessee several years back. You can view a few pics of it HERE.

The cool thing about this design is that it is fairly easy to build and you can make small changes to make it your own. Plus it is quite inexpensive to build.

Alla Ponomareva says: “My hubby and I came across one of Deek’s creations this spring while browsing tiny shacks online. This particular A-frame was so adorably tiny, yet multi-functional that it made us pause and take notice. Unlike other designs, it had a transformation element which increased its square footage and gave it an undeniable character. The convenience of having the ability to purchase building plans, motivated us to do just that during this summer’s vacation. So with just over three weeks left of vacation, we got to work.”

Alla is a photographer and has posted photos of the build here and of the completed project here. I’ve also included a few of her pics in this post.

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You can purchase Deek’s plans here for a super reasonable price.

Here are three videos to show some different ideas using his plans.


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