Tiny Houses for Sale in Washington State Right Now

Washington has become one of the most popular destinations in the country for folks looking to relocate for gorgeous wilderness, temperate seasons and some of the most progressive legislature to be found – but now, the Evergreen State is becoming known for tiny houses as well. If you’re interested in downsizing in Washington, check out these tiny little homes available for sale right now. To learn more about any of these houses, just click on the name.

10. The A-Frame


Price: $15,000
Location: Arlington
Square Footage: 165

Put together as an experiment in tiny house construction, the A-frame was built by apprentices of the non-profit organization: Sawhorse Revolution. The state price includes the estimated cost of moving the structure to a new lot. Some finishing work is required to make the house move-in ready, so this is a good option for those of you with construction experience.

9. The Enumclaw


Price: $30,000
Location: Enumclaw
Square Footage: 198

Following a recent price reduction of over twelve-thousand dollars, this little cabin is definitely a bargain. You’ll have all the standard amenities you’d want in a modern home, along with an excellent décor. Based on the specs, it looks like this house is built to last.

8. Kelsey’s THOW


Price: $70,000
Location: Issaquah
Square Footage: 300

As seen on Tiny House Nation, this little RV-style tiny house is ready to move in and take to your next destination. It has a complete kitchen and bathroom, loads of storage, and a ton of great features like skylights and two separate entrances, a rare feature for tiny homes.

7. The Charmer


Price: $144,900
Location: Ellensburg
Square Footage: 400+

What could be better than relaxing on a cool summer day in the verdant Washington woodlands in a hammock in your own backyard? With this little home, you could be doing exactly that sooner than you might imagine. Well designed and stacked with premium upgrades, like twin fireplaces for both the house and the outbuilding, you’re sure to be satisfied.

6. The Kootenay THOW


Price: $59,000
Location: Unspecified
Square Footage: 270

With lots of upgrade choices from siding options, a range of doors and multiple selections of flooring to choose from, you could make a tiny on wheels exactly to your specifications with this Washington-based company.

5. The Sun Time Yurt


Price: $3,950+
Location: Leavenworth
Square Footage: 122-357

You know the old saying: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? The nomadic peoples of Central Asia have been living in houses like this for countless generations, right up the modern day. Sun Time Yurts is a Washington-based company that imports Mongolian craftsmanship for American tiny house nomads to enjoy. Their smallest model, at 122 square feet, starts off at less than four-grand – what an amazing deal!

4. The Roslyn Tiny House on Wheels


Price: $35,000
Location: Roslyn
Square Footage: 220

Professionally built atop a heavy duty car trailer, this stocky little beauty is designed to withstand the rigors of road and weather. You’ll love the natural wooden exterior, along with the decked-out kitchen.

3. The Mountain Cabin


Price: $49,950
Location: Gold Bar
Square Footage: 320 + 80

This gorgeous little woodland cabin is the perfect spot for anyone who loves being surrounded by nature. You can bring your friends along for the campfire too, because you’ll have an 80 square foot cottage for them to stay in.

2. The Alf


Price: $5000
Location: Carlton
Square Footage: 96

I don’t know if this micro house is known for eating cats or not, but it’s definitely a great deal for someone looking for an inexpensive start home while they’re saving for something more permanent. At just about $50 a square foot, you won’t find anything much cheaper than this, even in this size category. It’s designed to be energy independent, to boot!

1. The Hilltop Special


Price: $59,900
Location: Mansfield
Square Footage: 366

Remember when you were a kid and dreamed of living in a tree house so that you could have a bird’s eye view of the whole area? Well, with this house and it’s wraparound deck, you can have that. Along with ten gorgeous acres of Washington.


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Jeff Koble - April 15, 2017 Reply


I have a tiny house that needs to be moved 6 feet as it is currently on Cement pillars and it will be using part of the existing cement pillars and new pillars to accommadate this short, small one day move.

Do you do this type of work as I would like to get an estimate.



cathie forrest - August 24, 2017 Reply

I am interested in house listed as #3 in gold bar, Washington. Is it suitable for year round living?

    Kent Griswold - August 24, 2017 Reply

    Hi, Cathie, you will need to click on the title and go to the listing and contact the owner to find this out.

Ruby - September 21, 2017 Reply

I am looking at #10,the A frame in Arlington,I have a few question about it and is this available to see in the site? What’s the contact no.
Ruby 2064096174 text is ok

    Kent Griswold - September 21, 2017 Reply

    Hi Ruby, you need to click on the heading which will take you to the listing if it is still available. The contact info will be at the listing.

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