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Tiny House Movement: Helping the Homeless

The tiny house movement has become a unifying force among middle class youth who want more out of life than a life-time of 9-5 misery in exchange for a mortgage. But it’s also a growing trend among philanthropists and charitable organizations striving to end homelessness across the USA to look to small homes as a […]

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Natural Building: How to Make Cob

Interested in a tiny house made with natural materials? Consider working with earthen plaster! Cob. There, I said it. Now, what is it? Well, depending on the context, con could mean anything from a male swan to a lump of something, an ear of corn denuded of its delicious kernels, or a Spanish-American coin from […]

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Free Tiny House Design Software | Top 3 Programs

Looking for a free, easy-to-use software to design your tiny house? Look no further, because one of these three freeware blueprint design programs is sure to be ideal for you. All of these software packages will allow you to use an easy click-and-drop interface to design a blueprint to scale, take a virtual tour of […]

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