10 Tiny Houses For Sale In Florida You Can Buy Now

Ready to go on permanent vacation? Check out these tiny houses for sale in the Sunshine State!

10. The Stella Blue House Boat

Stella 1 sans

Price: $29,900
Square Footage: 300
Location: St. Petersburg

Stella 2

If you’ve always dreamed of sailing off into this sunset, this tiny house on fins could be your ticket to the high seas. It’s a 77 Trojan F32 Sport Flybridge. You’ll have enough space to sleep six people and still be comfortable with your own AC/heat, fully equipped bathroom and kitchen, and all the features you’d expect. There’s a wired surround sound system to bring the tunes to your next party, as well.

9. The Wooly Wagon

Wooly 1Price: $15,000
Square Footage: 84
Location: Englewood

Wooly 2

This custom “gypsy wagon” is finished inside and out with beautiful wood, and is designed with an open floor plan so you can organize it the way you want. You’ll have a cast iron cowboy stove to get you through those mild Florida winters, (unless you want to take it with you on the road,) and a composting toilet and a small propane camper stove would easily complete your outfit. There are even two hidden compartments under the floor for storage.

8. The Balcony on Wheels

Balcony 1Price: $20,000
Square Footage: 170
Location: Kissimmee

Balcony 2

This little home on wheels is perfect for the open road, or hanging out at the beach with your friends. It includes all the standard features you likely expect, along with a rooftop deck where you can enjoy those gorgeous southern sunsets.

7. The Skyline Carefree Special

Skyline 1Price: $39,900
Square Footage: 492
Location: Zephyr Hills

Skyline 2

With all the standard appliances, this park model manufactured home is made to last while looking beautiful. The bedroom includes an oversized closet, and you’ll have a step-in shower in the bathroom. All the standard appliances are in the kitchen, along with plenty of storage space.

6. The Tiny Beach Cottage on Wheels

Beach 1

Price: $42,500
Square Footage: 255
Location: Tampa

Beach 2

24’ x 8’, this tiny mobile home has a sensible layout that accommodates all the usual appliances and fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom. It’s even wired for both AC and DC current, and has a mini AC unit, sized just right for a little house.

5. The Punta Gorda Cottage

Punta 1

Price: $26,000
Square Footage: 128
Location: Punta Gorda

Punta 2

This beautifully detailed tiny home boasts all the features you would expect for a modern lifestyle, and is sensibly designed to maximize the utility of the space. It was even showcased on Deek Diedricken’s MicroShelters.

4. The Wonderfullodge House Bus

Bus 1

Price: $10,000
Square Footage: 240
Location: St. Petersburg

Bus 2

With a 400 HP crate engine and a dual transmission, you’ll be cruising in style in this converted 1974 Bluebird school bus. The home needs a little TLC, since the plumbing burst last year. The current owners haven’t used the propane system either, (who needs to, when the coldest day in winter is 80 degrees?) so you might want to hire a qualified technician to check things out before you make a deal. The owners are willing to deliver the house to a buyer on the east coast.

3. The Off-Grid Special

Offgrid 1

Price: $26,000
Square Footage: 144
Location: Merritt Island

Offgrid 2

Outfitted to operate off-grid with solar panels, this little house on wheels is a high school senior class project. It includes a full kitchen and bathroom with all the usual conveniences, along with the battery bank you’ll need to make use of your power array. This home is perfect the camper who wants to rough it in style. 100% of the proceeds of the sale will go to support the Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy and their efforts to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable living with clean energy to their students.

2. The Rustic Wraparound

Rustic 1

Price: $49,900
Square Footage: 500
Location: Ft. Myers

Located in a loose-knit community formed around the principles of sustainable living, this home is designed with old-fashioned techniques in mind. You’ll have plenty of shade at all times of day on your wraparound porch, and lots of space to garden before enjoying a leisurely walk in the fruit orchards.

1. The Green Dream

Green 1

Price: $19,000
Square Footage: 72
Location: Eustis

Green 2

Made by Trekker Trailers to look beautiful inside and out, this tiny house on wheels is ideal for the folks who want to live on the open road. You’ll live easy with all of the standard appliances, and comfortably as well, due to ample insulation and water-proofing under the chassis. If you aren’t able to drive away from the tropical storms, don’t worry, because the design has a high hurricane rating as well.


If none of these houses float your boat, don’t sweat it, because there are more than 100 tiny homes for sale in Florida, and thousands more around the country, available for you to check out at Tiny House Listings.


On the other hand, if your research into tiny houses is leading you to think you’re more interested in building one of your own from the ground, make sure to take a look at these articles: first, this guide to buying the right plot of land, followed by this comprehensive list of criteria you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right tiny house builder for your project.

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Neil - July 14, 2016 Reply

The Skyline Carefree Special is my favorite! 🙂 Looks like a proper house, but tiny and still has enough space to feel comfortable 🙂

Mask Shop - July 17, 2016 Reply

The Tiny Beach Cottage on Wheels, love this little house!

James Jones - July 20, 2016 Reply

Does your company provide Tiny Houses approval in St Petersburg Fl zip 33701 – does it meet city codes in said area

Brenda - October 22, 2016 Reply

Skyline Carefree is my favorite as well. Perfect size for me,my husband and our miniture family member pet dog. I don’t see photo of bedroom.

LIS PENDENS filings - January 19, 2017 Reply

So nice. But just want to say this, the number one way to lose a lot of money in buying a house is to make hasty decisions. Most people who are successful with their investments enjoy success because they have done the research and have years of trial and error to look back to.

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