10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Arizona You Can Buy Now

Looking for a small home in the Grand Canyon State? You came to the right place.


10. The Vintage Model


Price: $57,500
Location: Lakeside
Square Footage: 384


Portable on pressure treated skids, this home can be moved anywhere you’d want to go. All the customary features for a contemporary lifestyle are included.

9. THOW in LuxTiny Tiny House Community


Price: $39,900
Location: Lakeside
Square Footage: 224


If you’d like to try out the tiny house lifestyle before dropping your life savings on your dream, then this opportunity could be ideal – for only $329, you could lease this tiny home. Financing is also available for a buyer, with a 10% down payment and credit approval. Be aware that there is a monthly fee connected to leasing the land the house is currently located on. You’ll have all the customary amenities you’d expect.

8. The Ultra-Modern


Price: $6000
Location: Phoenix
Square Footage: 120


Designed to be taken apart and reassembled in any location you desire, this tiny house is a display unit that is being offered for sale at a reduced rate. It comes with wooden flooring and interior wall panels, along with all the hookups you need, and even furnishings. Delivery and installation within the Phoenix area is just $1500.

7. The Mountain Getaway


Price: $54,500
Location: Overgaard
Square Footage: 397


If the small town lifestyle is for you, then you might like this little home in Overgaard with a fenced garden area. You’ll have all-electric appliances, several outdoor storage buildings and a covered deck to relax on during those warm summer evenings.

6. The Greyhound


Price: $7000
Location: Tempe
Square Footage: 200


Portable and affordable come together in this 1961 greyhound bus conversion. According to the owner, the diesel engine still runs like a dream, and, fortunately for those of who never learned how to drive stick, it has an automatic transmission. You’ll have a water tank, propane tank, and all the other amenities you’d need to live out on the open road, and even comes with a tow hitch.

5. The Bear Shipping Container Tiny House


Price: $39,999
Location: Glendale
Square Footage: 150


Brand new, and designed to function off-grid, this shipping container home is fully furnished, and includes all of the standard accouterments necessary for a modern lifestyle, many of which are RV-style. The listing price includes freight to your spot, whether it’s in Arizona or not.

4. The San Tan Shipping Container Tiny Home


Price: $27,000
Location: San Tan Valley
Square Footage: 320


Custom-built with some interesting features, (like a Jetsons style rotating television,) this shipping container home is well insulated and designed with energy efficiency in mind. Of course, the usual features and amenities are included.

3. The Patagonia Eco-home



Price: $499
Location: 500
Square Footage: Patagonia

If you’re an artist or self-employed tradesperson, this tiny home in an eco-friendly town could be the right place for you. You’ll have close access to a community garden across the street, as well as an organic gardening space of your own. It seems the current owner wants to be a bit selective about who they sell to. (I can’t help but think they missed a zero or two when they input the price on this listing, but if not, you’d better snag this deal while you can!)

2. The Off-Grid Mountaintop Cabin


Price: $49,000
Location: Seligman
Square Footage: 352


This off-grid haven in the mountains includes five acres of beautiful land. You’ll have your own water catchment system, a small guess cabin adjacent to the main home, and the usual components of a modern home. You’ll have amazing views, to boot.

1. 38 Acres of Homesteader Paradise


Price: $45,500
Location: St. John’s
Square Footage: 200


As you can see, the interior of the home needs a little work, but this diamond in the rough is an absolute bargain at under 46-grand, given that it comes with 38 acres of gorgeous Arizona countryside. You’ll have plenty of elbow room for gardening or any other homesteading projects, including a large chicken coop and stalls for two horses. There’s a small greenhouse on the property, a couple of on-site vehicles for transportation around the land, and much more.


Didn’t find the tiny house that’s right for you in this list? Don’t worry, because there are nearly 100 tiny houses currently listed in Arizona over at Tiny House Listings.

By the way, if you’re wondering how much it REALLY costs to live in tiny house, make sure to check out this detailed article on the topic.



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Karen Griffin - January 15, 2017 Reply

I would to get more info on tiny houses in az

White Tank - January 25, 2017 Reply

We can find you your perfect tiny home! View Arizona tiny home listings at http://whitetankrealestate.com

Diana Doyle - February 9, 2017 Reply

Where are they allowed in Az?

    Ivette - May 30, 2017 Reply

    So far this is what I have found here in AZ – Part of an Article in the Arizona Republic Published July 29, 2016…
    One significant obstacle: City building codes and zoning laws in Valley cities prevent them from being built.
    the building codes in many Valley cities. Most have minimum room-size restrictions, thus handicapping a small-home design. Room-size restrictions exist to ensure a healthy interior-living environment that pertains to room size, ceiling height, light, ventilation and heating.

    Zoning in some cities also prevents placement of mobile homes, which is what a tiny home on wheels would be.

    Homeowner associations also may have restrictions that prevent parking a tiny home on a lot.

    Scott Wilken, a regional planner with the Maricopa Association of Governments, said city officials have discussed meeting to examine tiny-home placement.
    Outside the Valley, some areas of Arizona have seen some uptick in downsized living.

    Navajo County approved development of a manufactured, 45-unit tiny-home community in Lakeside earlier this spring.

    Pima County relaxed its building codes a few months ago to allow for smaller homes.

    “We had people inquiring about what they would be able to do with a tiny home,” said Yves Khawam, Pima County’s chief building official. “We would say, ‘Meet with us and we’ll discuss it.’ But they wouldn’t meet with us thinking we’re like all the other building-code officials and dealing with a bunch of bureaucrats.”

      SHARON FRIED - May 20, 2018 Reply

      A THOW (Tiny House on Wheels) is like an RV. You only have to register it annually. It is not comparable to a mobile home 🙂

Rhonda - April 22, 2017 Reply

Check out the tiny homes Pine Creek Resort in Pine, Az..400 as feet..we love ours

Michael Mosca - March 24, 2018 Reply

Looking for tiny house built on a sturdy trailer to be transported 2 Bridge Canyon Estates approximate 450 square foot of living space with normal modern facilities hookups for water and sewage and so forth. Email me at T finger Mike 57 at verizon.net. I’m sure what I am looking for is going to be a bit custom, but I’m looking for ballpark estimate.
And possibly cost from where it’s manufactured to have it shipped and set up on property in Bridge Canyon Estates.
The beginning of a pipe dream!

My number is 302-545-3772 text me or email me as I sometimes don’t answer unrecognizable numbers but always will answer a text. ?
Thanks Mike mosca

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