New Generation of Luxury Yurts

Are you looking for a tiny house for an off-grid location? Weather Port Shelter Systems of Colorado has updated the yurt for a year-round all-weather experience with their luxury yurts.

Here is what they say:

Our modern yurts combine the time-tested concept of a Mongolian “ger” (yurt) with the latest engineering principles and manufacturing methods to produce a building solution that will outlast and outperform all other yurts on the market. No other yurt manufacturer produces a building system capable of withstanding the same wind and snow loads as our yurt structures. It’s an advanced frame of mind – the world’s first and only steel frame yurt!

They come in several different sizes ranging from the 12-foot yurt up to a large 30-foot yurt. They also offer something most other yurts don’t have. A loft space that can be designed as a bedroom or for storage.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find prices for their product and they request that you contact them and do an interview to find out what you need. I’m sure it is less than standard construction but check it out and if you know price ranges please let me know in the comment section below.

For more information check out the WeatherPort website.

If a yurt shape is not your choice they also offer cabins with the same metal structure but with a couple of different shapes and  sizes.

3 thoughts on “New Generation of Luxury Yurts”

  1. This New Generation of Luxury Yurts is very awesome, out of curiousity, is this a movable? I like the structure and the appearance. I might apply these idea in my future projects, for now I will continue to remodel and repair for good.

  2. I’m not surprised at the lack of pricing information on the website. Sadly, I’ve come to expect a certain — Shall we say? — coyness on the subject from tiny house builders.
    What’s off-putting is the lack of a video or even pictures of their product beyond the one you linked to. How are we to know if contacting them is worth our time? This is especially true since, in my experience, if you do contact them then all of that coyness will be replaced by lots of messages and even phone calls.


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