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Custom Crafted Bohemian Cottages in Oregon

While tiny houses on wheels make much of the news these days, there is something to be said for a well-built tiny house on a foundation—especially when it’s located in a cozy backyard.

Bohemian Cottages & Tiny Homes builds 200 square foot ADUs in Oregon.

Bohemian Cottages & Tiny Houses in Eugene, Oregon builds tiny cottages or Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) on concrete footings. Most of the homes are used as backyard cottages for artists, mother-in-law quarters, or rental units.

The homes can have a variety of layouts with or without lofts.

Run by Keith Schneider and Cale Doane, the simple homes with stylish details are about 200 square feet. This is the maximum size that can be built without a permit, but Bohemian Cottages can also build tiny homes and cottages from 200 to 600 square feet.

Interior details, kitchen and bathroom designs are up to the customer.

The company has built about 35 tiny homes and cottages in the past eight years. They are licensed and bonded contractors with the state of Oregon. Each home is built from the same subfloor components required by building code in residential construction. They are framed with 2×6 lumber with metal tie downs, rigid sheathing, and moisture barriers. The homes are then covered with fiber cement siding or options such as stucco, rock, or metal.

The homes can be used for full-time living or part-time income.

The cottages can have several other options such as a main room, bathroom, full kitchen, full bathroom, loft, porch and all the utilities of a traditional, large home.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Ellen Fein - November 18, 2019 Reply

Do you deliver to the northeast?

Mark - November 18, 2019 Reply

Without ANY pricing information or ranges it’s difficult to gauge whether to investigate further.

Jims - November 20, 2019 Reply

OMG! these custom crafted cottage are damn cute! The interior design inside the house is so perfect. Well manage the space and each corner. I will take some of these idea to remodeling my house.

    Joey - November 23, 2019 Reply

    Hello Jims, I agree with you, the DIY ideas above are very unique, please update us here in our future projects. also for remodeling your house I would suggest to visit DC Foundation Repair.

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