Single Story Homes and Shells from Small Spaces CLE

Small Spaces CLE owner, Carl Baldesare has already lived on a sailboat with a duffle bag and a box of DVDs. So he knows what its like to live in a tiny space. He founded the company to create innovative and luxurious tiny houses that are still affordable. Along the way it has evolved to also include kit homes for tiny houses on wheels and small cabins and cottages.

Small Spaces CLE sells THOW as both full homes and shells.

Photos by Small Spaces CLE

Currently Space Spaces CLE offers three THOW models that range in price from $63,000 to about $69,000. If you are a DIYer, shells are available for each of the models starting at only $17,500.

The UltraLight is a mobile THOW with a loft.

The UltraLight is the smallest version at 128 to 192 square feet. It is designed to be a more mobile version and several floorplans are available. It weighs under 10,000 lb. and can be configured with three sleeping areas.

The Loftview can be ordered up to 32 feet in length.

The 192 square foot Loftview 24 is the most popular model. It has a simple living space and kitchen, back bathroom and stairs to a queen sized loft. The 28-foot version of the Loftview is 238 square feet and can be configured as a single story layout. The Loftview model can be ordered up to 32 feet in length.

The Empty Nest is a single story home with options for a downstairs bedroom.

The Empty Nester can also be ordered from 192 to 238 square feet. Without a loft, this single story model is great for buyers who don’t want stairs or a loft ladder. A trundle bed rolls out from under the living or dining space. The larger model features a separate bedroom with a closet.

Small Spaces CLE is located in Ohio, but sells its homes and kits around the country. The company also offers commercial buildings such as office and retail spaces. Learn more about the company at the website and Facebook page.

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