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I’ve been doing a little series on affordable tiny house do it yourself or non-traditional houses for those who are interested in trying out tiny house living at a low price. Most involve some construction but they are all relatively simple to build.

These are what we have looked at so far. These tiny abodes can be constructed in most places for under $2,000.

  1. Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Getaway Cabin
  2. The France Tiny House
  3. Life inTents Bell Tent 

Today we are looking at the “Pop-Up” Cabin Designed to be Built in a Single Day.

The designer of the Pop-Up Cabin is The Outsider who runs a Youtube channel that features low-cost construction and outdoor living. Here is what they say about the cabin:

“We built a lightweight DIY cabin that is designed to fit together in a single day. This makes it a great low-cost option for those wanting to build their very own cabin, especially in remote areas where it is difficult to haul in heavy materials. We used a snowmobile to transport our cabin materials to the building site, where we assembled them. Our building materials consisted of barn boards, 2″x4″ lumber, cedar strapping, tarp, vapor barrier plastic, and screws. We built the cabin upon 3 small cedar logs, which came from a nearby fallen tree.”

Here is a video showing the construction process:

In this episode, we build a set of bunks for our tiny “Pop-Up Cabin” from deadwood cedar that I collected. I also install a security system, talk about my grandfather, and discuss my future plans over a cup of coffee.

Building a Portable Cabin & Packing it Up in 10 Minutes! …When Canadians are Bored (Timelapse)

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Plans Now Available

The following note is from the builder.

After releasing my “Pop-Up Cabin” series on YouTube, where my dad and I constructed a DIY portable cabin, I received many requests to put my prefab design into a set of plans. So here they are. Ta-da!

By studying these plans, and reviewing my “Pop?Up Cabin” videos on YouTube
( )
for inspiration, you will have a comprehensive understanding as to how my little cabin was constructed.

I have made a few small changes in these plans from the original structure, which I will make note of. I have also tried to keep the material dimensions consistent, so you can swap out the material that suits your needs best.

The Pop-Up Cabin Plans (electronic file) can be purchased here: ($9.99 via Paypal, Credit Card, or Visa Debit).

A few pics of the construction process below. You, of course, could take this to any level of finish that you would like. Such as completing the roof with metal roofing, adding bunk beds, etc. This is the first video of the cabin and I’m pretty sure that there will be follow-ups to it.

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  1. How much did your first pop up cabin cost you? Do you pre-cut the wood and send it? I’m not a builder at all I’ve hit my thumb with a hammer many times, so I’m looking for something I can put together without a lot of tools that I have to read up on to be able to use. And can I make one with two bedrooms with the same design as yours? Sorry for all the questions but I really want ont. I want to go off grid.


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