Happier Camper’s New Traveler Expands Life on the Road

The Happier Camper fiberglass HC1 not only brought back the classic fiberglass campers of the 1970s and 80s, but it added a contemporary and versatile flair to the lightweight camper. Now the HC1 has a big brother. Happier Camper has just introduced the larger Traveler towable trailer with the same Adaptiv™ technology and a few more permanent amenities.

The HC1 is Happier Camper’s first foray into the fiberglass trailer market.

Photos by Happier Camper

Anyone who has seen the HC1 may be familiar with its multipurpose interior. The Adaptiv™ technology by Happier Camper allows owners to use cubes and modules to rearrange the interior into any configuration. While this is helpful in certain aspects, what the HC1 missed was a permanently fixed kitchen and bathroom as well as more dedicated storage.

The new, larger Traveler features a dedicated kitchen and bathroom.

This has been remedied in the new Traveler. The 85 square foot space has a full kitchen with a sink/burner combo with hot water, a drawer refrigerator, propane heat, and more storage. There are also two dedicated spaces for living/dining and sleeping. In fact, with the Adaptiv™ system, this little trailer can sleep up to four people. The one thing missing from the Traveler is the back hatch that HC1 owners enjoy.

The Traveler has a sink/stove combo and the bathroom can be optional.

The Traveler weighs just under 2,500 lb. fully loaded. It is built with two fiberglass double hull shells and has a honeycomb grid floor. Options include air conditioning and several choices of power and solar connections. If you don’t want a bathroom, that is also an option.

The versatile Adaptiv™ system is also available in this trailer.

Because of the options available, the Traveler’s price will vary. Currently, the HC1 retails about $24,000 and can go up in price depending on the layout and additional Adaptiv™ components. You can get a quote for the Traveler from the Happier Camper website. However, you might want to be quick. I’m sure these additions to the 2020 lineup will be going fast.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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