Life inTents an Option to Test Drive Tiny House Living

I’m always on the lookout for options for you test out tiny house living. Making the step to downsizing to a tiny space is a big thing and you really need to see if it will work for you before you invest your life savings into it.

Living in a tent may not be the option you were thinking of but this Portland, Oregon company called Life inTents has a quality product at an affordable price, that just might interest you. This option also opens up other potential opportunities.

Building a tiny house (see other examples here and here) can be a challenge, Even purchasing a yurt can be fairly expensive by the time you add the deck, etc. However, with this 212 square foot bell tent option, you are able to cut these costs way down and get to experience tiny house living right in your own back yard or out camping in the wilds.

The cool thing about the luxury double wall canvas bell tent by Life inTents is that after you have tested out living in it you could easily turn it into a short term Glamping AirBnB and generate some extra income.

Life inTents also gives you the option to rent these out and will send them pretty much anywhere in the U.S. This would be the more affordable route if you aren’t ready to make the commitment to purchase without trying one first.

Now to be honest with you, I haven’t had a chance to check these out in person yet. However, I’m hoping by this spring at minimum see them in person but with the plan to take one out and really test it out over a period of time. I’m thinking I might like to have one of these myself in time.

Here is a video of the setup:

These pictures give you a pretty good idea of the size and if you go to the Life inTents website you can check them out even more.

Oh also if you decide this is right for you. Please purchase through the Tiny House Blog link or banner in the sidebar. We get a referral fee that helps keep this blog up and running.

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