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Living in a Springbar Tent

We’ve discussed living in a tent as a way to try out living tiny or as an affordable way to test out a nomadic living. Check out Richards’s book about living full time in a tent for two years here. You can also look at the Life in Tents option for glamping or potentially full time living if you have the property for a platform similar to the picture above. (photo by Springbar Tents)

Although we usually consider tent camping as recreation, with planning for heat via either a wood stove or propane one can keep warm at night. Canvas tents are better for this because of the way canvas breathes and sheds water. You are likely to have less condensation in a canvas tent as well.

Canvas does require a thorough dry out before storing otherwise you will have a problem with mold, which can potential ruin your tent.

In this video Bob from Cheap RV Living talks with  Tina from Montana who loves to go camping in her outstanding quality Springbar tent ( Springbar Tent ). While Tina is still living in a house and working right now, Bob discusses the possibility of being a nomad in her future and whether she would live in a tent. Hopefully, her experience and ideas will help you decide if living in a tent may be something that would work for you.

Tina’s tent is similar to the Traveler tent pictured below.

(photo by Springbar Tents)

Springbar’s friends Garth and Anna love life in the great outdoors. So when they told them they wanted to live in a Springbar Canvas Tent for the entire summer, they said that sounds amazing. They found a beautiful spot in the woods, built a deck with used pallets, and spent the summer living large next to nature.

You’ve heard of tiny homes and the van life, but for less than one thousand dollars you can pitch a Springbar Canvas Tent and wake up to a million-dollar view every day. It is so cool that Garth and Anna for making the summer of Springbar Tent living a reality. You could too if you choose.

Springbar Tents come in several different sizes and although you may have to wait a while. The American made tents are worth the wait. Springbar products are produced in limited runs and are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. They do not accept pre-orders so plan ahead!

Garth and Anna’s Springbar tent is like the larger one in the picture below. (photo by Springbar Tents)

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Peter - July 25, 2020 Reply

These tents are not made in America. It clearly states that they are cut and sewn in China:(

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