Skyliner Hot Tent Tiny House

Springbar® Tents is a USA company that builds a line of tents here in the states. They just recently introduced Jack Kirkham’s Skyliner. What they are calling the toughest, most spacious, and most versatile Springbar® Tent they have ever built.

Are you looking for a way to try out tiny houses? However, you don’t want to spend a lot of money just to find out it is not for you. This hot tent just might be a way to do it at a reasonable price.

Quick and easy to set up with very reasonable weight and pack size considering the scale of the tent, packed with clever features, and built extra tough—the Springbar® Skyliner stands in a class of its own. Plus, each one is cut and sewn by hand in our Salt Lake City workshop.

Here are the specs:

  • Size: 10’x14′ footprint (140 sq ft), 6’10”-maximum interior height?Packed: 18″x32″ (tent body) 9″x56″ (poles)
  • Weight: Total – 78lbs (not including stakes) (Tent body – 49lbs) (poles – 29lbs)
  • Fabrics: 10oz Sunforger® Cotton Duck (roof), 8.5oz Sunforger® Cotton Duck (walls & awnings), 10oz FR Sunforger® Cotton Duck (stove jack panel), 40D Military-Grade window mesh, 12oz seamless vinyl floor, #10 YKK coil zippers

This tent is made by hand in the United States. Check out this video of Jack Kirkham introducing the hot tent.

Here are some of the features:

  • All new pattern for maximum livable space. Approx. 30% more interior volume than other 10’x14′ Springbar® tents such as the Family Camper or Classic Jack 140.
  • Classic Springbar® frame design for quick and easy set-up and take-down. The Skyliner’s ease of use makes a canvas hot tent experience a reality for quick weekend trips.
  • Removable stove jack system for versatility in warm or cold weather. (Skyliner comes standard with both the stove jack insert and window insert). Velcro insert design for reliability in the field and ease of use. Fire-resistant 12oz Sunforger® canvas is used on the tent panel where the stove jack is located.
  • 2 large back windows, 1 large end panel window, and the extra-wide front door for maximum ventilation and views in warm weather. Features 40D military-grade ‘berry compliant’ window mesh.
  • Aluminum pole set with steel reinforcements. Beefed up to support maximum internal space and provide reliability in harsh weather. 3-piece ridge pole design for reduced pack size. 7/16-inch spring steel tension rods (the largest diameter tension rod found on any Springbar® tent).
  • ‘Eave-style’ awnings on the front and back of the tent allow the windows and door to be ventilated during wet weather and provide an additional guy-out point for stability.
  • The stabilizer pole system provides additional structure and guy-out points to the tent walls when additional stability is needed in heavy wind and weather.
  • 55-inch-wide front door design makes loading gear in and out of the Skyliner a breeze while providing extra ventilation in warm weather. (standard Springbar® door is 26-inch-wide). An additional set of reversed zipper sliders allows the door to be opened from the top down for easy exit during the night.

Pace Measom the owner of Springbar Canvas Tents gives a personal tour of the Skyliner.

The Skyliner retails for $2,099 and you can get all the details here.

For tiny house living, I would suggest building a deck to place the tent on. To stay warm I would purchase the wood stove recommended by Springbar® and follow their safety procedures.

You could then live in it to experience what it would be like to exist in such a small space. The hot tent could also be used as a spare bedroom, a small Airbnb, or for your own hot tent camping.

I am not affiliated with Springbar® but see this as an affordable way to experience tiny house living. I would personally consider purchasing one for this purpose.

Photos from Springbar®

Jack in the hot tent

Jack inside of the Skyliner hot tent

hot tent up close

Jack in the entry of the Skyliner hot tent

hot tent in the wild

Two windows in back of the Skyliner hot tent

side of tent

Side window in Skyliner hot tent.

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