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Joshua Becker An Introduction to Minimalism

Joshua Becker is a familiar name if you have ever researched minimalism. Joshua’s writing has been featured in the Tiny House Magazine on a regular basis and he is well known for his blog site called Becoming Minimalist.

Joshua has also become well known for his books and he now has an app to help you with the minimalist journey. Ethan in his podcast covers many of these topics in his talk today.

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In This Episode:

  • How does Joshua define minimalism?
  • Minimalist wardrobe tips
  • There are no rules and the lifestyle is different for everyone, but there are some commonalities
  • Have less so you can do more. Some things don’t need to be minimal
  • What’s the difference between “de-clutter” and “de-own”
  • Teenage minimalists: How Joshua’s kids address the lifestyle
  • Where should someone begin when they want to be a minimalist?
  • How do you stay a minimalist?

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