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January 30, 2020

Blogger Colette Kenny tells the truth about Tiny Homes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

If you want to find an expert on tiny living, look no further than Canadian tiny house blogger Colette Kenny. What kind of tiny strikes your fancy? Tiny on water? She grew up sailing with her family of five in a 22-foot sailboat her parents built themselves. Tiny in the wilderness? How about a quinze (tiny house made out of snow) in Ontario’s Algonquin Park? Trailer Trash Tiny? She lived for five years in a 22-foot Corsair in a conservation area (except for winters).  Tiny on wheels? She’s been living in her THOW, nicknamed “Woody,” for several years now…oh yeah, totally off-grid, too.  Whether you want to know more about how to get started with a tiny, how to save space, getting ready for winter, backup generator tips or how to shop for land, Kenny’s got it.

Meet Woody the Tiny Home

Nicknamed for its rustic board and batten exterior, Woody is an 8 by 24-foot tiny house built on a trailer with a double axel. Woody’s square footage is just under 300, including a small sleeping loft. Interior features include:

  • funky thrift shop décor that uses wooden crates to create moveable storage

  • a custom two-stage ladder split across a desk with bamboo handholds,

  • a pot rack Kenny installed herself, made from a piece of scrap metal

Visit MyTinyHouseAdventures to see other great features, including:

  • the tiniest bathroom possible, designed to maximize the living space
  • a vaulted ceiling with tons of storage on ceiling-high shelves
  • over 9 feet of kitchen counter space for food preparation, all solid bamboo finished naturally in tung oil

The Good about Tiny Homes

Kenny shares the good about tiny living. Do you dream about getting off the rent treadmill? Kenny shares her story about how she got started in her tiny, and how living in Woody is helping her build a permanent tiny home on a concrete slab.

Do you want to simplify your life? Kenny writes about the simple pleasures that living tiny can bring when you slow your life down and follow your passions. Why not pay $75 a month to heat your place, rather than $250? That’s good for your pocketbook, and it’s also good for our planet!

The Bad About Tiny Homes

If you want to know the truth about tiny homes, then you also need to know the bad. Kenny warns about how, in many locations, certification processes may not be in place to approve a tiny home on wheels as a permanent dwelling after it is built. Because of this situation in her own township, she is unable to live permanently in Woody and must build an approved (i.e., inspected in stages) home on her lot. What about if you can’t find a lot right away? Kenny also relates her own story of living in Woody in a campground for $200 a month and for free on a relative’s farm…Learn why she declined another relative’s offer of a place to put Woody….Learn from her mistakes!

The Ugly About Tiny Homes

Hey, what about the “ugly” truth about tiny homes?!? Kenny will be dishing on this in an upcoming post on her blog, MyTinyHouseAdventures. Find out how dozens of tiny house lovers in Canada were swindled out of over five million dollars…and learn why composting toilets may cause unforeseen problems in tiny house communities around the world…To find out more, visit and click on subscribe to receive this upcoming post in your email box. 

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