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February 27, 2020

Should you ask permission to live tiny? Podcast with Sarah Hastings

Instead of keeping under the reader, Sarah went public about her tiny and in the end, things did not go as she had hoped. Sarah’s story is very instructive and you can learn a lot fro this discussion if you want to live legally.

Ethan met Sarah Hastings at the Big Mass Tiny House Festival. She was a big participant in the panel discussion on building tiny houses with repurposed and salvage materials.

Sarah’s story of going up against the town she lived in and ultimately being forced to leave is why I’ve asked her back on the show for her own interview.

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In This Episode:

  • Collecting salvaged materials to use in the tiny house
  • Tiny house, big controversy
  • Why the opposition to tiny houses?
  • What other towns in Massachusetts are doing with tiny house laws
  • Sarah’s advice to people who want to live in a tiny house
  • Winter water system
  • Loopholes to use when finding tiny house parking
  • Advice for tiny house hopefuls
  • Inspiration for Sarah’s tiny house name: Rhizhome

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Cyndi Lopriore - February 28, 2020 Reply

I have been a Tiny House follower for many years now. Unfortunately, I live in the North East, Massachusetts. I am 81 years old and really do not have the energy to fight with my town for a place to park a Tiny House, even if permanent and hooked up to town utilities. Keep the faith out there, I can do my part with just talking about Tiny House living to anyone that will listen. 🙂

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