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February 3, 2020

Cascadia Homesteads Builds Small Cabins on Orcas Island

Who hasn’t dreamed about escaping the rat race and setting up a homestead on a quiet island? The island doesn’t necessary have to be a private one either. The San Juan Islands of Washington state have long attracted people who want a little more breathing room away from the city.

The San Juan Islands have long attracted people who want to escape the city.

Photo by Rene Leubert

Now with the approval of Senate Bill 5383 and the provisions of tiny homes in Washington, there are more options for small homes on the islands. One company that is creating amazing tiny homes on foundations and skids is Cascadia Homesteads.

Cascadia Homesteads builds small cabins on Orcas Island.

The cabins and timber frame homes are all under 2,500 square feet.

Along with designing and building cabins and homes under 2,500 square feet, Cascadia also assists with excavation, land clearin,  and green property development on Orcas Island. Orcas is the largest island in the San Juan Island group about three hours north of Seattle.

Custom interiors can be designed and crafted from local, milled wood.

Along with small custom homes built with local Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir, Cascadia Homesteads also builds timber frame buildings, decks, outbuildings and agricultural buildings. They also specialize in clearing forested land, lumber milling, and utilizing permaculture principles.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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