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The Tiny Housing Co Story…

We’ve all been there, where we look at our current lifestyle of accumulating more, aiming for bigger jobs, more money, bigger homes, more clutter, and wonder does any of it even matter?

Does any of it bring true meaningful joy?

Bigger homes come with more responsibility, require more income, and less time at home with your loved ones, and luckily, this is something that we had noted earlier on before the beginning of our own family.

As founders, I and my ‘soon to be’ wife met in Asia after both leaving our 9-5 jobs in search of ‘more’. We found each other halfway across the world, experienced the authentic culture, and lived vibrantly every day.

In the big Asian cities, living there required you to live in a highly compact home which equally provided you with everything you needed in daily life. The apartment layouts allowed for every corner and inch of space to be used cleverly, with multi-functional furnishings that made living easy and clutter-free. We loved our tiny living experience but knew life in Asia could not be a permanent one.

By this point, we’d been following Bryce Langston on Youtube with his “Live Big in a Tiny House” episodes and fell head over heels in love with this way of living. During this movement, we had also witnessed prefabricated designs in China such as the Changsha Towers, a 57 story skyscraper which went up in just 19 days. We were surrounded by designers including some old friends from back home (in the UK) and so we began sketching designs and sharing ideas until we came up with 6 base designs that could be fully customized to suit each and every individual. That’s when we made the move home to work on custom builds for people around the UK, and that’s how The Tiny Housing Co was born.

Personally, I’ve always been quite passionate about a few things – the environment, the housing crisis in the UK, and eco-friendly lifestyles, be it minimalism, downsizing, being self-sufficient, or being ethically responsible in where we shop.

It seemed a natural step for me and my partner, to use these drives and our ethics to put them into our company. The tiny housing co represents all of these things;

  • ways to reduce waste
  • living more minimally, with more of a focus on family, friends and social connections
  • opting for self-sufficient methods, be it energy generation, recycling, growing food or reducing our carbon footprint
  • reducing the burden of debt, with bloating mortgages and ever-rising rent payments, and a housing crisis that doesn’t look set to end anytime soon.

We believe that the Tiny Housing Revolution can help people, young and old, to tackle some of these key issues in society and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Fast forward 6 months, we started off slow, working with our designers, architects, and the local area to create unique custom designs, but we knew we wanted to extend this to more people. By listening to our customer’s needs and wants, with our bespoke custom builds, we can provide them with multi-use spaces for all occasions. For example, a yoga instructor can have her workout space, quiet corner AND have space for a full-sized table for guests, including a hidden guest bed for cozy nights in with the friends.

No idea is too outrageous for us and we believe that if you have the idea, that our team of experts can truly make it happen. With our base models that can be customized, such as the Itinerant or Wanderlust Range, as well as our custom build process, we’re sure that one of our Tiny Homes will make future owners extremely happy.

Please come check out our houses on our website.

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