Pacifica Tiny Homes 2.0 Features Main Floor Bedroom

The Tiny House Blog has featured Pacifica Tiny Homes before for several good reasons. Not only are these tiny homes affordable and fully furnished, but the homes’ smart storage, amenities, and those large, beautiful windows make them a top pick for anyone looking to live smaller.

Pacifica Tiny Homes is known for their large windows that let in lots of light.

Pacifica Tiny Homes currently offers two models: the Bay Cottage and the Tiny Victorian. The length of each model starts at 18 feet long and goes up to 30 feet long. Each model also has a sleeping loft, but the company is now offering a second bedroom.

The main floor bedroom will be built in the 28- and 30-foot length models.

The new 2.0 models are more spacious and designed for growing families. Both the Bay Cottage and the Tiny Victorian 2.0 models have main floor bedrooms that can fit a double bed with room to spare. The sleeping loft is still included as well as a spacious living and kitchen area.

The 2.0 models will still have a loft and plenty of stair storage.

The 2.0 models are 28 or 30 feet in length (346 and 363 square feet respectively) and start at $66,900. Each model still comes with Pacifica Tiny Homes’ safety, construction, and energy efficiency standards certified by Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc.

Pacifica Tiny Homes is a family run business in the California Bay Area.

Pacifica Tiny Homes is owned by Crystal and Josue and located in Pacifica, California. Their tiny homes can now be found all over the state, as well as Oregon and Hawaii.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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