The Little Bunkhouse in the Woods Plans

Joe Chipman who we covered a while back in a post called Tiny Bunkhouse in the Woods has put together an ebook of his plans and photographs of his actual build of the bunkhouse and is now offering them for sale through the Tiny House Blog. This little bunkhouse goes … Read more

Anglerfish Sauna

This sauna asks the audience to unsheathe their material mask upon entrance.  It is a building like no other.  Inspired by boat building concepts and natural shape of the female Anglerfish, a deep sea, bioluminescent creature.  I hope you enjoy the photos and I am in the process of filming … Read more

Why You Need Workout Space in Your Tiny Home

When you decided to downsize in a big way and move into a tiny house, did you plan for a workout space? Regular exercise is critical to living a happy, healthy life. Carving out a workout space within your tiny home is a priority often missed by owners. Don’t worry … Read more

Magenta Tiny House by Pin-Up Houses

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR We have just finished building a new mobile home named Magenta. It is a manifesto of temporary independent housing, against debt and mortgages.? The house is built on a flat trailer. It is a heat-insulated wooden structure on all sides. The house features a sofa bed, heating … Read more

Tiny House Blog 1000th Post Celebration

*Update I am really excited to announce that the Tiny House Blog has reached another milestone. Today is our 1000th post, and this is a great reason to celebrate. To celebrate I have asked my friends and suppliers of some great plans and books to offer you some discounts. These … Read more

Scott’s Cube Proposal

***Update below Scott Stewart, who I have featured quite a few times lately because of his fine quality and affordable prices has been bouncing the idea of an American made Cube. The French Cube post was one of the most popular and I think their might be enough interest to build … Read more

SylvanSport Go

Carey came across the Sylvan Sport GO and can’t believe all the things it can do and how big it can get even thought the frame is so small. Though to small to live in and rather expensive it could be a spare bedroom or getaway for someone living in a tiny house. Here are the details.

SylvanSport GO – reinventing how we carry gear and camp from the ground up.

GO light. At 800 lbs. GO can be towed by almost any vehicle out there. This efficient ‘backpack on wheels’ allows you to have the benefits of an RV without the gas credit card.

This is the most unique camping and travel trailer you’ll ever find. The GO was designed from the frame out to be a one-of-a-kind mobile adventure trailer that’s even more versatile than a Swiss Army knife. It’s lightweight and easy to manage in the parking lot, garage or on the road. Weighing in at 800 lbs, the GO can be pulled by even the smallest cars.

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The Tumbleweed Pool Party

Deek Diedricksen interviewed Jay Shafer from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and will be featuring Jay in his video series Tiny Yellow House in the near future. Jay got a kick out of this cartoon done by Deek so I thought you might too. So a little humor for today. … Read more

Elaine’s Lusby Update

Elaine who built a Tumbleweed Lusby designed by Jay Shafer awhile back and had originally put it up for sale, later decided to keep it and live in it. Here is an update on life in her little house.

I’ve moved into my tiny house. I love the house. It’s very well constructed. The wind here in the Delta is so strong that at first I was afraid that even though it had survived being towed from the east to west coast, it might come unhinged by the wind. It hasn’t. It’s solid, quiet and a tranquil shelter from the strong gusts.

The cats venture out when the air is calm, but stay in when it’s blustery. We negotiate seating. I have two cats and two dogs and all five of us prefer sitting on a chair or soft spot up off the hardwood floor. Misty, my elegant female cat, claims the cushiest chair when she’s home, and I sit on a small triangular wooden stool that I brought back from India.

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Old UK Caravan

Phil Austin say: I thought you might be interested in this old UK caravan I spotted recently.

I am a big fan of caravans, vardos, gypsy wagons, etc. and this is a prime example of an old caravan he found and photographed in the UK. The interior is simple but well done and I like the simple all around design. I appreciate Phil taking the time to photograph it and than share it with us.

Photo Credit: Phil Austin

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