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The Tumbleweed Pool Party

Deek Diedricksen interviewed Jay Shafer from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and will be featuring Jay in his video series Tiny Yellow House in the near future. Jay got a kick out of this cartoon done by Deek so I thought you might too. So a little humor for today. A Comic “The Tumbleweed […]

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Elaine’s Lusby Update

Elaine who built a Tumbleweed Lusby designed by Jay Shafer awhile back and had originally put it up for sale, later decided to keep it and live in it. Here is an update on life in her little house. I’ve moved into my tiny house. I love the house. It’s very well constructed. The wind […]

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Old UK Caravan

Phil Austin say: I thought you might be interested in this old UK caravan I spotted recently. I am a big fan of caravans, vardos, gypsy wagons, etc. and this is a prime example of an old caravan he found and photographed in the UK. The interior is simple but well done and I like the […]

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