Build a Tiny House Rental Empire for Cheap on Rented Land with Sponsored Materials

Want to rent tiny houses on Airbnb but you don’t own land? Today’s episode will show you that it’s still possible!

n this episode, MJ shares the nitty gritty of how she set up her tiny house airbnb mini empire (3 rentals, 5 houses total), including how she found the land and how her agreement with the landowner is structured. I also ask the question that’s been burning in my mind: Who deals with the composting toilets when you have tiny houses on Airbnb? The guests? The hosts? WHO?

We could stop there, but MJ also reveals that all of her tiny houses are built partially (or in one case almost completely) through sponsors. We talk about what it takes to find and recruit sponsors (and MJ agreed to come back for a second show all about finding sponsors for your tiny house build!)

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Cover photos by Mark Sharley Photography.

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Kurt - February 3, 2019 Reply

But didn’t we buy our tiny houses to avoid landlords and the high cost of home ownership in this era of the haves and have nots? Why are we celebrating a “rental empire”?

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