SylvanSport Go

Carey came across the Sylvan Sport GO and can’t believe all the things it can do and how big it can get even thought the frame is so small. Though to small to live in and rather expensive it could be a spare bedroom or getaway for someone living in a tiny house. Here are the details.

SylvanSport GO – reinventing how we carry gear and camp from the ground up.

GO light. At 800 lbs. GO can be towed by almost any vehicle out there. This efficient ‘backpack on wheels’ allows you to have the benefits of an RV without the gas credit card.

This is the most unique camping and travel trailer you’ll ever find. The GO was designed from the frame out to be a one-of-a-kind mobile adventure trailer that’s even more versatile than a Swiss Army knife. It’s lightweight and easy to manage in the parking lot, garage or on the road. Weighing in at 800 lbs, the GO can be pulled by even the smallest cars.

Beyond its beautiful surface you’ll find that no design element was left untouched. The tent sets up in minutes and stows cleanly into the roof’s storage box. It also comes equipped with a weather-tight gear box that locks to keep your weekend camping essentials secure and ready for whenever you go. See how easy by watching the video below.

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verplanck - June 18, 2010 Reply

so….it’s a hi-tech pop-up camper. Without the kitchen and stove.

MsChoiceAlways - June 18, 2010 Reply

At over $6,100 as shown, that’s one crazy expensive tent on wheels!

Alex - June 18, 2010 Reply

It is expensive and I wouldn’t buy it but it seems to do a lot (can carry motorcycles, bicycles, kayaks, etc). I’d prefer a teardrop trailer!

Bobby Nations - June 18, 2010 Reply

So, it’s a tent. On wheels. That only sleeps 2. And still costs $6000.

Who’s the supposed demographic that would find this to be a good buy exactly? Not folks with kids, that’s for sure. Or folks with money sense either.

Sorry, but for that kind of money you could get a pop-up that will sleep 4 easily in air-conditioned comfort w/o the need to visit the woods when nature calls. And, it will likely have a kitchen. And it will be heated for winter camping.

Oh, and it will be made in America also. Sheesh

    Dave Yuhas - May 19, 2012 Reply

    Granted it’s overpriced, but a standard popup with the features you mentioned will cost over $15K. I just priced soft-sided popup campers for my Tacoma.

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Tom Sackett - June 19, 2010 Reply

This reminds me of those convertible shop tools, like the Shopsmith or Triton, that turn into a table saw, miter saw, drill press, and planer. They’re not quite as good at each of these jobs as the real thing, but they’re clever and get the job done. The Go trailer is like that. You can transport motorcycles in it, or kayaks and camping gear, or building materials, and you can use it as a camper. A trailer designed for just one of these jobs would be better at it, but seems to be decent at all of them. By the way, it’s not clear from the video, but the entire interior space converts to one giant sleeping area that definitely sleeps more than two.

    rich - May 25, 2012 Reply

    The video jumps all over the place, like they’re selling a soft drink. Get serious, you’re selling a serious product.

Mo Skba - June 19, 2010 Reply

We have a little trailer that is extraordinarily useful. This one looks like it would be too. It greatly improves the capacity of our car.

Tough market they’re in. The price probably reflects what the true cost is when you pay your employees a living wage vs. the one I bought probably had the steel smelted and the components made by those making slave labor wages. Not much “social justice” in that I suppose.

JT - June 19, 2010 Reply

When this tent on wheels first came on the market I thought it was a cool idea, then I seen the price. There is an ass for every toilet seat, but I’m not sitting on this one. Over $6,000 for a bare bones tent on wheels is ridiculous !!! You can build your own setup for a heck of a lot cheaper than that.

Benjamin - June 19, 2010 Reply

All those who complain about the price are probably among those same people who gripe about all our jobs going to China. This is the kind of price all products would be if we made them all in the USA. You can’t have it both ways.

Just wait a few months and a knockoff will be on sale at K-Mart for a quarter the price. And keep waiting and watching as our country goes down the tubes while we all merrily buy our bargains.

    Donnieboy - May 7, 2012 Reply

    Pretty much. The World Monetary Fund stated that China and India will have greater GDP by 2016. You can thank the fortune 1000s for starting that. Also, if you’re concerned about selling out your jobs, don’t just buy into the “Made in USA”, but find out HOW MUCH is made in the US, as often marketers will CLAIM it, without telling you WHAT is made in the US.

Kyle Mundt - June 21, 2010 Reply

Hi. I wanted to take a moment to to address some of the information (and misinformation). The impression that it is expensive at $6,000 is understandable until you take a look at what it is. We have designed and built (completely in the USA) a piece of high-tech gear. The ultra light-weight yet robust engineering is designed to perform and last for years (this is NOT an RV). It sleeps 4 comfortably, it carries ALL your gear, and it goes just about anywhere you want to go. Really, to see the GO in person is the best way to form an accurate opinion… A Ford Fusion may be more expensive than a Daihatsu, but it may just be a better vehicle too.

Anita - June 23, 2010 Reply

I’m captivated! And I don’t snow board, race bikes, or climb mountains. Even so, I can picture hooking this onto the back of the Honda and hitting the road. It’s exciting, versatile and elegant.

As for the price – it’s obviously a well engineered piece of equipment that would adapt to many uses. Sylvan’s target customers will “get” that GO reflects the innovative, go-the-distance quality they want. Plus it’s very cool!

The price will not be a speed bump for those who spend hundreds or thousands on their sporting equipment and devote themselves to outdoor adventures, often in remote areas. Sylvan shares a mindset with these customers that may not be obvious to those who just see GO as a pricey tent.

Also, some campers will rejoice at the ease of set-up, plus the option to haul stuff.

Applause to you, SylvanSport, for doing something entirely unexpected and original.

bill - July 30, 2011 Reply

great engineeting, but the cost is about $3000 too high… I really do not know who would buy it. Of course there are those will

Mike - August 5, 2011 Reply

I agree with bill.
It looks great, but the price point is WAY too high.
I would purchase this without a question if it was $3000 lower.

John - September 12, 2011 Reply

Interesting conversations.

My wife and I looked into buying one of those T@B teardrop campers. Fully loaded with a/c, kitchen, port-a-pot, add-a-room and it came to just over $19K. Ouch. The height inside at best was 5’9″ before it tappered down to about 3′.

I also wanted a trailer to transport my scooter for repairs and doing yard work. Even help someone move possibly. These trailers range in price from $400 $800 depending on what features and stuff you want.

There are a lot of great RV type trailers on the market. But not many my Jeep can pull.

Instead I bought the GO. It carries 800 lbs of gear, is easy to move in the garage and in the campground.

We have had this camper for about 3 seasons. And every time we set it up we get the gawkers and the inquisitors.

It is a blast.

By the way you can sleep 4 comfortably. The extra bed inserts and inflatable mattresses create a king size sleeping area.

Sleep on the outside bed panel areas and let the dog sleep on the 4′ x 7′ bed area.

If you are 7′ tall you might have an issue standing up fully in it.

We have been in a few rain storms and the GO has performed beautifully.

We recently moved a friend to her new apartment and in the transport mode we were able to get all her stuff in one trip.

Yeah, it’s a little pricey at $6100.

But it is so versatile.

And no, I am not on the payroll or an independent salesperson. Just a big fan.

Hey, I know, maybe we can get Sylvan to move the manufacturing over to China and they can sell it for $3100.

I imagine you individuals that think the price is to high are probably union workers too.

Come on cheap-o. Pull your heads out of the sand.

Support a American made product.

Support American workers.

Keep American money in the US.

And get out there and have some fun in life.


    Cheryl Beverly - September 28, 2011 Reply

    Thanks John for such insightful comments. I’m in your camp. My husband and I plan to purchase the Go sometime this year. We take our CRV up to the NC mountains just about every weekend. But, have outgrown the space it provides. We travel with 2 kayaks, 2 mountain bikes, lots of sports gear and a 75 lb. Labradoodle. We needed something to haul gear that was still light weight enough to be towed by the CRV. Since we travel so much, we also needed to keep the gas cost down. We enjoy the primitive nature of tent camping. Who wants to hear the sounds of generators over the bubbling creek?? Anyway, the Go perfectly fits our needs. And there just isn’t any competition that fits all these categories. Way to go American ingenuity !!


James Rosse - March 26, 2012 Reply

But you can buy a littleguy teardrop trailer for less, and you don’t have the problems that come with a tent. Like leaking if you touch the walls.

    Momma - May 15, 2012 Reply

    I think the naysayers are missing the point, which is simply — it does it ALL, in one convenient and very LIGHT package.

    I have a Camry and don’t want to buy a gas-guzzler, so the bigger travel trailers and even pop-up campers are out of the question due to weight. I also have two canoes and all the gear that goes along with overnight camping trips and need a way to haul them, too. And sometimes these canoe trips are done with a canoe club that likes to stay at campgrounds, and having something big enough for 2 adults and 2 kids that also gives us a table to sit at and room to stand up (that’s still sper-light, mind you) would be soooo nice compared to just a tent on the ground. So, I could buy a light cargo trailer to haul my boats and my gear for canoe trips. And I could also spend some more money and buy a teardop travel trailer (because last time I checked you couldn’t put a canoe on top of those guys) for the times we want to do camprground camping. But we still wouldn’t be able to have everything all in one place and get it there behind my little Camry, and frankly the teardrops look ridiculously small and cramped compared to this. The GO solves that dilemma, and has the added bonus of being solidly built, is made here in the US, and well… it’s really stinkin’ cool to boot. So I guess I’m that “supposed demographic” — a family (yes, with TWO kids even!) that enjoys the outdoors, who refuses to give up their comfy and fuel efficient vehicle, and who has enough “money sense” to see that that spending $6500-$12000 on a teardrop that doesn’t meet our needs PLUS a couple of grand on a super lightweight cargo trailer not only doesn’t make sense from a logistical standpoint, but also doesn’t even come CLOSE to being cheaper.

      Linne - May 24, 2012 Reply

      Hear! Hear!

      You said it right on the nose! I too am a CRV owner and while I love the outdoors — couldn’t afford the larger engine models that could pull a lightweight camper. So I was resigned to staying on the ground floor forever. Then I found the Livin Lite popup campers and thought .. Here is the answer to the CRV’s limited towing capacity! I was sooo psych about the possibility of finally moving on up… Then came the realization that I couldn’t bring any “fun” toys with us. There was the danger of trying to haul your bikes on the popup. Some owner were very creative in modifying their camper, but for me there still would the danger and cost actors. So no wind blowing through my hair … Sigh no bikes. No lazy hazy days of gliding in the water, cuz there’s no way to haul a kayak. So the only thing left is pretty much hiking. Don’t get me wrong… It’s awesome but a little variety wouldn’t hurt :-;

      So for you nay Sayers out there… I would buy one just for the capability of being so multifunctional! However, I would have to lie to all my friends and family so they wouldn’t laugh at me for spending so much. If all you want to do is sit on your a&& all ay long … A 3500 lb camper is for you. If you have imagine the adventure of doing more… Then definitely you should put the GO on your wishlist. I am!

Patrick - June 5, 2012 Reply

Unfortunatly it doesn’t seem to be available in europe.

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