Tiny House in a Landscape

This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was submitted by Gwen Powers who shares a tiny house on her in-law’s property in Massachusetts, which is not actually lived in (although it was when the main house was being built).

Gwen says: “I thought the clouds were spectacular. It was taken shortly after “Snow Blown”, with the last light of the day after a delightful snowfall.” Gwen has posted some additional photos on her blog fixed and flowing.

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Angela - June 19, 2010 Reply

WOW! That’s Beautiful!

Neil - June 19, 2010 Reply

Do you have any floorplans or interior pictures available?

Are you using a regular size wood stove, or a parlor stove? Is the house too hot with the stove heating a small space?

Gwen - June 19, 2010 Reply

Thank you! It was completely inspired by the feature on this blog, of course!

This is the other photo referenced in the description (Snow Blown).

I think I have some other photos of this house from other angles, I’ll have to look through them again.

Gwen - June 19, 2010 Reply

Hello Neil – I don’t know how it was heated although I presume with a stove of some description, I will ask them. I don’t have any interior shots, but I just posted more photos here:


of alternate angles. I doubt there are floor plans, but I will get in touch with them and see if they can fill me in on the interior, as far as whether there’s a loft, approximate size, and if she knows how it was heated.

The Basic Principles Of Landscape Design | Ponds and Gardening - June 19, 2010 Reply

[…] Tiny House in a Landscape […]

mike - June 20, 2010 Reply

Hmmm… I’m in MA, can i rent it out?

Gwen - June 20, 2010 Reply

Ok, I’ve gotten a few answers:

The cabin, when lived in (about 20 years ago) was heated by wood stove.

There IS a loft.

There ARE in fact two doors, one in the front, one in the back.

There used to be kitchen appliances along one wall.

It may have been used by the original owner as a guest house type thing after the main house was built, but it is no longer really livable, I don’t think – the kitchen appliances have been removed, and I don’t believe there is a stove in it any more.

That’s all I’ve got – next time we visit I’ll try to take some pictures of the inside! Although I don’t think it will be very exciting in the way that I find the interior views of the cabins posted here that are actually lived in.

BigGoofyGuy - December 25, 2010 Reply

That is really beautiful. I think it would be great as part of a calendar of ‘scenic tiny houses’. 🙂

    Kent Griswold - December 25, 2010 Reply

    I agree, I just wish I could find a really affordable place to publish them. I tried a couple of years ago but only sold about 2 calendars.

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