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The Esk’et Sqlelten Sculpted Tiny House

“I’ve watched just about every tiny house video on YouTube, and in my opinion, the Esk’et is currently the highest evolution of the craft. Of course the carving work is off the chart, but you’ve also made some very strategic design choices, e.g. dual lofts, corner fireplace, compact spiral stairwell, disappearing shelving, white finish with […]

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Go Industrial or Rustic with Kentucky’s WheelLife

Kentucky and Cincinnati based tiny house builder, WheelLife, has an interesting statistic on their website: approximately 2 out of 5 tiny home owners are over the age of 50. This stat could explain the designs created by WheelLife which show both luxury and practicality. The WheelLife Industrial features an angled roof and a ground-floor bedroom. […]

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