32′ Gooseneck for Retired Adventurous Couple

The Macdonald tiny home

From Ottawa, Canada by Fritz Tiny Homes, featuring a slew of uniquely-functioning design elements that elevate the tiny-living experience for the retired couple now inhabiting it. This tiny home was completely designed around the life of their clients. Blending craftsman, eclectic, and modern styles, this home showcases fir timberwork, intricate … Read more

AMAZING Tiny Home on a Foundation

Christo built an amazing tiny home on a foundation using mostly reclaimed wood and salvaged and recycled materials. Initially, he planned to build on wheels but had to pivot when the zoning of his land in Asheville, North Carolina, changed. On the bright side, this allowed him to build wider … Read more

From a $5k Tiny Cabin to a Not-So Tiny Home

Natalie built a tiny cabin for $5k, then over time, added on as her family grew. It’s a wonderful example of how a tiny home, especially if built in a permanent location, can evolve with you as your needs change. Impressively, this DIY house showcases thoughtful small space design ideas, … Read more

Handmade Mini Cabin Tiny House

Handmade mini cabin

This is a lovely little 5’x12′ (60 sq ft) handmade mini cabin tiny house on wheels. This is a 4-minute video tour of the interior and exterior features. Handcrafted by Serena Torrey a carpenter. The trailer is very versatile and can be used for camping, as a small tiny house, … Read more

DIY Tiny Cabin on Wheels

A couple in Ecuador who were seeking adventure constructed this tiny cabin on wheels to make it possible. They named their tiny cabin La Casa Nueva. It was designed and built by Juan Alberto Andrade an architect. Creating the dwelling for himself and his partner, Cuqui Rodriquez. Their goal with … Read more

High-End Tiny House Luna

Luna tiny house

In the early days of the tiny house movement, a tiny house could be built by doing-it-yourself for $40,000 or less. Today with the popularity of tiny homes and most people not wanting to build their own they range much higher. Having become more mainstream with 56% of Americans saying … Read more

Bivvi Cabin Luxury Mini A-frame

The A-frame design is unique and can be quite portable. I’ve been a big fan of Deek’s a-frame plans and have been in a couple of versions of it over the years. (See it here) As an affordable do-it-yourself project this a an option worth looking at. The other day … Read more