DIY Tiny Cabin on Wheels

A couple in Ecuador who were seeking adventure constructed this tiny cabin on wheels to make it possible.

They named their tiny cabin La Casa Nueva. It was designed and built by Juan Alberto Andrade an architect. Creating the dwelling for himself and his partner, Cuqui Rodriquez.

Their goal with this tiny cabin was to travel the country and photograph the different forms of architecture.

Cabin Construction

The tiny cabin is built to be lightweight and easily movable and the materials to build it reflect this desire.

Outside Cladding. The lightweight cabin is clad with yellow-heart lumber.

Frame Structure. The framing of the tiny cabin is constructed with teak boards.

Interior Furniture. The interior furniture is built using plywood with a natural finish.

  • Included in the design are is a bed for sleeping with a small side table. A small sink and working area.
  • Storage cabinets under the sink and drawers for food and other necessities.
  • A small enclosed bathroom for privacy.
  • A slide-out shelf for outdoor cooking and preparation.

Exterior Design. The tiny cabin can be opened up with large doors on both sides of the cabin.

The rear of the cabin where the bed is located can be opened as well to let the outside in.

This is a lightweight tiny cabin that can be towed easily and is built for a warm-weather climate.

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