Solido Tiny Houses in Berlin

Fuchs and Hase Camper becomes a sales partner for Solido Tiny Houses in Berlin

From now on, Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH will be the exclusive sales partner for tiny houses from Solido in Berlin and Brandenburg. A show house and a show office will be set up on the Fuchs und Hase premises at Wichertstrasse 12, Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg, and can be viewed by interested parties by appointment.

It is also possible to rent and live in a mini-house for several days. This means that interested parties can experience first-hand how well life works in a smaller living space with self-sufficient furnishings.

The distribution of tiny houses is handled entirely by Fuchs and Hase.

“Solido’s tiny homes reflect our shared vision of minimalist, nature-loving design and true autonomy. Their adaptability and thoughtful solutions for a completely off-grid way of living or working make them an excellent addition to our portfolio.

To give you the versatility and To show the functionality of these houses first hand, Fox and Rabbit will move his office into one of these tiny offices.” – Felix Fürneisen, Managing Director of Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH.

tiny house interior 1

The configuration of the tiny houses can be individualized and tailored to the wishes of the respective buyer. Self-sufficient solutions with solar modules and rainwater collection and water filters are also possible, making life off-grid possible.

In times of high interest rates and sharply increased costs for building materials, a tiny house still makes living in your own four walls possible. The basic equipment of the houses is available from 45,000 euros including bathroom and kitchen.

“The partnership with Fuchs und Hase Camper in Berlin is an important step for Solido to make our tiny houses accessible to a wider audience.

We are proud that our tiny houses are now also available in Berlin and Brandenburg and are pleased “We look forward to working with Fuchs und Hase Camper. Together we will bring the advantages of our self-sufficient tiny houses to an international audience.” – Mihai Geczi, founder of Solido Tiny Homes.

Anyone interested can get a first insight into Solido’s tiny house concept at the Auto Camping Caravan trade fair in Berlin. At the trade fair around the radio tower, Fuchs und Hase Camper will be represented from November 30th to December 3rd with mobile homes and Solido tiny houses.

The mini houses can be viewed on site and all features can be examined personally.

About Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH:

As a motorhome rental company and motorhome dealer in Berlin, Fuchs und Hase Camper GmbH offers a fleet of tailor-made vehicles for short vacations and longer trips. With the integrated van office, all campers can be used as a mobile home office, creating a new quality of life that adapts to the modern working world.

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