Self-built Tumbleweed $30,000

Patrick spent 10 years self-building his tiny house from plans he purchased from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Using reclaimed wood and his own labor during his spare time he built his tiny home. For approximately $30,000.

tiny house construction

The tiny house size is 18 feet long by 8 feet wide and a height of 13.5 feet. The weight is 10,000 pounds. He had to put new axles and leaf springs on his original car hauler trailer to withstand the weight. At 190 square feet, it is small but works well.

When he retired he moved his house to its current location. The land is 5 acres and off-grid. In order to use the property he had to put in a well and septic system. So he built the shed first before bringing in the tiny home.


Patrick extended his living area by building a large porch out of cedar. He shares his homestead with his husky Barley.

He built a covered roof between the house and shed which is attached via the porch.


Patrick has changed his diet to pretty much a plant-based diet. Over the last year, he has developed his garden and become fairly self-sufficient.

Using solar Patrick is able to generate most of the power he needs. He has a generator as a backup solution.

solar on tiny house

On the main floor, he has his kitchen, fold-up table, and living area. The coach can be setup up as a guest bed.

Patrick uses the Kimberly wood stove for heat and occasional cooking as well.

living room

He has a unique pull-out stair to get up to the sleeping loft. This frees up space in the living area. The sleeping loft has a queen-sized bed with a 4-inch mattress.


Take a complete tour of his tiny house and property in the Tiny House Giant Journey video below.

Check out Jenna’s YouTube channel Tiny House Giant Journey

Photo Credits: YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey

Patrick at table

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