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For our eighth episode Perry, Mark and Michelle talk about what they like about Tiny Houses. Michelle talks about why her Tiny House works for her, then gets elitist towards super-primitive Tiny House builders. Mark talks about why there’s no way he could live in a Tiny House. We probably should have done this one first. We talk about who we are (kinda) and what we like. For those of you going “who are these guys?” This is your episode.

Tiny House Hunters Season 3 – Now Casting

Tiny House Hunters

Are you looking to purchase or build a tiny house – 500 square feet or smaller? If so, the producers of HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters” is currently casting for people buying tiny homes to feature on upcoming episodes.

We are looking for people in all stages of the process, from planning to building to moving in. Energetic, fun and enthusiastic tiny house home buyers interested in being on House Hunters should email smallhouses@pietown.tv or apply directly on the website at http://pietown.tv/house-hunters-small-houses.

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University Students Build Bayview Tiny House


My pastor friend Walt Groff in California first shared this story with me. Today I received an email from Derek Peters sending me some beautiful photos he and Levon Kotanko had taken of this beautiful home. So I decided to jump on this story and share it with you. Both my niece and nephew attend school here and my nephew plans on attending the School of Architecture.

Andrews University students a Seventh-day Adventist University located in Michigan decided to skip an international mission trip for a project that will help people closer to home. Rather than their usual mission trip to South America a professor challenged them to build a fully functional home in just 148 square feet. Their goal to build it for underprivileged people in the community. Continue reading

Maximizing Space With Under Bed Storage


Tiny house owners are all too used to the struggle of making space. If you’re a bit low on real estate to start with, finding room for storage generally requires some ingenuity and elbow grease.

One of the best ways to fit some extra items in is to head under the bed. An awful lot of homeowners either ignore or improperly use this valuable bit of space – a major mistake when you’ve got so little to spare.

Don’t let that be you. Learn to make effective use of all the potential storage spots at your disposal. When figuring out how to best outfit your bed, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Will You Store?

Always answer this question before busting out the jigsaw. And give it some careful thought – you’re dealing with a surprisingly premium area. You might not think about it too often, but items stored under a bed are actually getting a pretty good deal. Continue reading

SustainaFest Launches Tiny House Contest

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SustainaFest to Sell Student-Built Tiny House for $100 and a Few Thoughtful Words!

Annapolis, MD – SustainaFest announces the Tiny House Essay Contest, which will make one person’s dream of sustainable living come true. The winner will assume ownership of a 210-square-foot, hyper-efficient, off-grid home built by Maryland middle and high school students.

Contestants are required to submit $100 and an essay of 350 words or less answering the question, “What are your keys to living a sustainable lifestyle and how would owning the SustainaFest Tiny House help you realize your dream of living that lifestyle?” Submissions must be entered by June 1 and will be evaluated by a panel of academics and celebrity judges. A winner will be announced by June 15.

In 2014, sustainability experts and students from around Maryland engaged in a month-long exploration through SustainaFest’s Student Sustainability Lab. “The program provided a life-changing opportunity for students, educators, professionals and military veterans to combine forces and build this tiny house – a fully habitable, hi-tech, mobile dwelling,” stated George Chmael, Director of SustainaFest. Since construction was completed, the awarding-winning tiny house, a Minim Homes model, has been on a statewide tour of home shows, green expos, schools and other events to promote SustainaFest and serve as an ambassador for sustainability.

“We now want to share the wonder of this construction marvel with a deserving recipient and spread the word about making more sustainable lifestyle choices,” explained Chmael. “This thought-provoking contest is a far superior alternative to selling to the highest bidder and makes home ownership attainable for one fortunate person regardless of the size of their bank account.”

SustainaFest has now designed its own tiny house models, with an eye towards addressing the challenges faced by our community’s most needy members, including the homeless and struggling military veterans. The organization will continue to build houses with students in 2015 and beyond. All proceeds from the contest will support these efforts. To learn more about SustainaFest, including complete contest rules and how to submit your essay, please visit www.sustainafest.org or email us at info@sustainafest.org.

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