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Embrace Your Inner Teen and Dump the Couch

Just like everything from the 1970s, the bean bag is back. If you are of a certain age, you will have fond memories of the bulbous, styrofoam filled bundles of fun. They bring back memories of afternoon Atari games, late night parties with friends, and the ability to be moved around the room just in case you need to vacuum up those annoying styrofoam balls.

Bryce and Rasa of Living Big in a Tiny House embrace bean bags in their tiny home.

In a recent video by Bryce of Living Big in a Tiny House I was thrilled to see him and his partner using beanbags in lieu of chairs in their own home. They tuck the beanbags away into a storage loft when not in use.

Due to their portability and small size, bean bags make sense in small spaces.

If you live in a tiny space and don’t mind living a little closer to the ground, beanbags are a nice alternative to bulky chairs or large sofas. They can be filled with a variety of materials and can even be converted into a bed. In addition, the designs have definitely been elevated since 1977.

Some chairs, such as the CordaRoy, convert into beds.

CordaRoy’s, a company profiled on Shark Tank, has a beanbag design that starts out as a chair and converts into a double bed. The cover can be taken off and washed.

Some bean bag chairs are handmade and go with any decor.

The Moon Pod is an affordable bean bag chair filled with high density beads that can conform into an ergonomic chair or a lounger. The bohemian, handmade bean bags by Monkey Mind are stylish alternatives to the big ball.

Bean bag chairs can be comfortable and erognomic.

One of the best things about bean bags is that they are light and can be moved from room to room or even outside onto a deck or the yard.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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