Superbly Handcrafted Tiny Home and Mobile Sauna

Jeremy Tuffli is a talented builder and skateboarder who handcrafted an exceptional tiny home and mobile sauna. Both are an evolution of his first build, many years ago, a whimsical truck camper for nomadic living and later an exceptional curved roof tiny house and mobile sauna. Not surprisingly, his early design inspiration came from Lloyd Khan’s books

By infusing organic shapes into his builds, Jeremy transforms a boxy tiny house on wheels shape into a character-rich, soothing environment. He did this for his personal home and as part of his design/build business, Tufflibuilt. Additionally, with his partner, pro skateboarder Joey Pepper, they build enchanting mobile saunas as a side hustle event business

“I have a background in design; I studied architecture in school. And I like designing and building with curves and playing with symmetry. I spent a lot of time in the design, research, planning phases of different projects. And I also like working with reclaimed materials and working cedar and redwood and fir.

There are a lot of tiny houses out there that are pretty cookie-cutter. It’s kinda hard to get really creative when you’re starting with a rectangular trailer frame. So incorporating curves into the roofline or doing some cantilever…I think with the tiny house at least, or any structure on the trailer, is where you can put some energy and creativity.”

Jeremy Tuffli, Tufflibuilt

Jeremy’s 145 square feet handcrafted tiny home is built on an 18-foot trailer and cost him $35,000 in materials to build. It’s also cantilevered over the tongue-end one foot. Of course, the standing seam copper curved roof is the real show stopper of his design. As a result of the compound curve, he gained easier access to the loft with greater headroom.

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