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Jewel Pearson’s Tiny House Addition

Ethan has had Jewel on a previous podcast but in this episode he catches up with her on the updates she has made on her tiny house living situation.

Jewel has added a sunroom and called it “The Tiny House Remix.”

The Remix is a very well-done way of slightly expanding a tiny house to make it fit your needs and I think you’ll find what Jewel has done inspiring.

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In This Episode:

  • What Jewel learned from taking a break from her tiny house
  • Jewel’s Remix allows more flexibility in the future
  • The sunroom functions as a home office and makes working from home more efficient
  • Moving isn’t easy, but it has been worth the effort
  • Is it still a tiny house?
  • The pandemic’s influence on the tiny house movement
  • Reimagining what and where “community” is
  • Why Jewel had to move to her new location
  • Could a moveable business be a good fit for your town?

Links and Resources:

tiny house office

The Remix allows Jewel to have her home office set up all the time

tiny house first floor bedroom

Later, this addition will serve as a first-floor bedroom

Futon bed

The futon lays flat for company and there is plenty of floor space for an air mattress or two

tiny house parking space

Jewel’s permanent parking spot is on her friend’s farm

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