Labor Day Book Giveway

Kent and I have been doing some summer decluttering of our own homes, and have decided to give away a few inspirational books to our loyal Tiny House Blog readers. The set of books will contain:

The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka
Creating the Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka
Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach
Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping by Judith Levine
Simple Pleasures: Soothing Suggestions & Small Comforts for Living Well Year Round by Robert Taylor, Susannah Seton and David Greer
The Natural House Book by David Pearson
The New Strawbale Home by Catherine Wanek

If you are interested in winning these books, post a comment on this post that contains YOUR favorite tiny house on the Tiny House Blog. The contest will end on September 13th at 5 p.m. PST. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday September 14th using We will ship the books to the winner and do a post on the winner and their favorite tiny house.

Good luck and have a great Labor Day!

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Mark Younger - September 6, 2010 Reply

Tough call, there’s lot of great designs. I think the 14 x 28 Little Red Cabin is my favorite.

Sherri - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love any post that talks about the Don Vardo and gypsy wagon homes. I would love to be able to build a little traveling gypsy wagon home some day and decorate it in the gypsy styling and all. Love the site and love little homes! I’m living small in my 800 square foot 30 year old mobile home that I rehabbed… better than the 3,000 sq footer I was living in!!! I’m trying! Keep up the great blog!

Katryn - September 6, 2010 Reply

It is difficult to pick one but I think my favorite is the Simple Life Bungalow

Jeanne - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love The Littlest Ski Lodge because of it’s origins and its location!! I could move right in!! 🙂

Laverne Simoneaux - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love dogtrots. Thus my favorite small house would have to be the Beausoleil House built by the University of Louisiana in last year’s solar decathlon or the Zachary House built by Stephen Atkinson.

Joe G. - September 6, 2010 Reply

I like the Tumbleweeds the best (Weebee being my favorite).

Victoria - September 6, 2010 Reply

I’ve been reading the tiny house blog for some time now. As a small house denizen myself, I am continually inspired by the stories, photos and philosophies of those featured here who choose to make do with just what they need.
That makes it hard to pick a favorite. All the posts are refreshing and reading them is part of my daily reaffirmation to live larger by living smaller.
But there is one post that stands out and that is Louis Johnson’s yurt in upstate New York:
I loved everything about that post. I loved Johnson’s enthusiasm, his design, and the efficient use of space. I was particularly impressed with the overhead storage idea in his kitchen. I also loved his ideas for conserving water and using solar energy. The “work in progress” mentality shared by Johnson and so many others is contagious. Every time I read stories like these it makes me want to try harder, too!
It didn’t hurt that I’ve always been fascinated with yurts, and the one featured in that post was nothing short of amazing.
So many of our friends and family urge us to build on to our little bungalow, but we’ve resisted and are instead using ideas from people like Johnson to maximize what space we have instead.
Thanks to this blog for the daily inspiration, and for taking the time to bring us all these stories and photos.

Owen - September 6, 2010 Reply

My favourite tiny house has to be The E.D.G.E – its a beautiful modernist home, but in a small package.

What marks it out for me is that it has real cohesive modernist style. It is also sensibly thought about and laid out.

This and are what will help the mainstream aspire to live smaller.


Patricia Neumann - September 6, 2010 Reply

Somehow I found the Zook Cabins on your site. These are cute, affordable, little log cabins! They’re my favorite by far!

Mishell - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love the little cob cabin in BC.

Freth - September 6, 2010 Reply

I find the Lusby very appealing.
since we live in a 386 sq ft cabin … my wife finds a Mc Mansion appealing.

Time to rebuild the Shasta 235C trailer.

Jeff - September 6, 2010 Reply

My favorite one is the one of that russian house nestled up in the trees.

From this post:

S. WIlliams - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love these ideas. It is the only way we will
ever be able to house all our people. Well done
Tiny House. One love.

Michelle - September 6, 2010 Reply

The variety of tiny homes is so wonderful and I always glean something from each one!
I especially love the Tiny Texas Houses for their heavy emphasis on reuse of materials and the wonderful color schemes and details they incorporate!

Sean - September 6, 2010 Reply

My favorite is the Little Cob Cabin. It has such flavor, and warmth! For small, it seems to have a massive feel. And the staircase is a delight!

Ginny - September 6, 2010 Reply

It is very hard to pick one but at the moment I really like the Fencl. I love its exterior character and can imagine the looks and smiles while towing it down the road some day. IT has everything a person needs in a home. If I were to have to pick a more permanent residence I would lean towards a dome home.

Jan - September 6, 2010 Reply

Pocket Suites in Winnipeg, though not the most aesthetically exciting, would be my favorite pondering-for-real-the-possibilities one. The accessibility, the built-in community, and the proximity to the services the city has to offer seniors and people with limited mobility all are wonderful aspects of this design.

Melody - September 6, 2010 Reply

I’d definitely have to say that Simon’s Eco-House is my favorite, even though it is unlike anything I would build for myself. The whole structure is so fluid and fascinating–very different from most of the square, flat designs of most buildings.

Rachie Tybor - September 6, 2010 Reply

Here’s another vote for the Little Cob Cabin:

This is the house that started it all for me. I quit my office job to do a workshop with cobworks after admiring this photo on their website. I loved to see that it was featured here a couple years later!

Thanks for the awesome blog, now if only i could win the awesome loot! <3

Mary - September 6, 2010 Reply

One of my favs is the Simple Life Bungalow. I like many of the others–specially Tiny Texas Homes–but as I look to the future as a senior citizen, a sleeping loft might not be practical. I live in a small home now (@ 600 Sq Ft) but as I look to the future and moving near my children I expect to downsize even more.

jay - September 6, 2010 Reply

I really like the Sonoma Shanty because I like the upstairs bed, and the general layout.

Thanks for the drawing!!

Katherine - September 6, 2010 Reply

It’s a nearly impossible decision, but I think my favorite is the weeHouse. I can see myself planting one in the woods of Vancouver, living out my days peacefully . . .

Tim - September 6, 2010 Reply

I really thought that my favorite Tiny home would have gotten at least one or two fav’s from other people by now but I dont even see it mentioned, however I guess that is a good thing, it means that there is a huge varity of Tiny homes out there now and it will only get bigger and better as time goes on. For me though, no matter how much I have seen to date I keep coming back to one house as my absolute favorite…ProtoHaus.

    Bonita - September 8, 2010 Reply

    There were others that picked the ProtoHous as their favorite. These older posts can’t be seen anymore (?)

Ryan Burns - September 6, 2010 Reply

It’s tough to pick a favorite…I really marvel at all the creative ideas and ingenuity on this site. But I think my favorite is the little red house:

colin - September 6, 2010 Reply

i like jenine’s original tiny house – the one made from all salvage materials. because it’s organic looking, because it was cheap, and because my friend greg helped her build it!

Betsy - September 6, 2010 Reply

We’re seriously considering building one of the Cabin Fever prefabs on a lot in the Florida Keys. Many of the cool designs you show would be great most any other place, but in the Keys we have serious hurricane regulations to deal with. Liked a few of the Katrina cottages, but the Cabin Fever designs are much more livable.

Grant - September 6, 2010 Reply

My favorite house so far has been this one

But I pretty much love all of them and plan on building my own once I’m done remodeling my current house.

Tom Clarke - September 6, 2010 Reply

I’ve always wanted to live on the water so the Cape Codder is my favorite!

Lori - September 6, 2010 Reply

Although I am not a rustic girl at all (I take an eco-modern/minimal/vintage approach for my own dwelling), I loved the Green Line Architects Tree House from October 2009. There have been other posts that I’ve loved since, many others, but that was such a Mother Goose-type storybook cottage, with it’s wonky lines and funky use of space. So adorable!

Ted Thiel - September 6, 2010 Reply

I like the pallet house building blogs. As with the container conversion blogs. I like to see the pallets and containers put to good use instead of sitting around. With all the homeless people and unused government land. Those ideas of housing should be put to good use.

Kera - September 6, 2010 Reply

My favorite would have to be the Tumbleweed homes, mainly cause I love the use of space, storage and coziness of them. Followed closely by Dee’s Don Vardo. I would like to held the two into something I would live in, as I plan on being nomadic myself.

I love this blog by the way. It’s so inspiring to see so many ideas and people just as excited about the tiny home movement! Keep it up!

Paige Tuhey - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love the Tin Cob House! So organic and welcoming.

Corby - September 6, 2010 Reply

I really like The Micro Cottage by Sheldon Designs. It looks to be a workable space with a separate living/dining area and a private sleeping space.

Mary Anne - September 6, 2010 Reply
I like this one because it reminds me of the old-fashioned Texas houses (although they were built everywhere in the south). Although, truthfully, I love all of the houses you post. I’d be happy in any of them.

Sally - September 6, 2010 Reply

ONE! I have to choose only ONE! How cruel. I think I’d have to go with the Tiny Texas Houses. They are filled with charm and history.

Steve Downing - September 6, 2010 Reply

My current favorite is the “thatched roof in a landscape,” but it changes all the time as you post new goodies.

Lena Price - September 6, 2010 Reply

If I have to pick just one I would have to say the weehouse. very hard to pick just one though

Meg - September 6, 2010 Reply

It’s way too hard to choose just one! I have seen tons that I’d love to live in someday if I could; being able to use spaces and materials so creatively is so appealing to me.

One of my favorites is the Milton Studio. I love the mix of contemporary and rustic styling, and it has tons of windows which is so important. I think especially in a small house it’s important to live in a space where the surrounding outside area is just as comfortable and significant a living space as the inside.

Rachel - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love tiny house blog and check it often!
While my husband loves the idea of one day converting an old shipping container into a home I love what people have been doing with old silos…
You’re post about the Gruene Homestead Silo was really great because it shows that you don’t have to give up a beautiful interior with a tiny space.
I’ve been showing that post to all of my friends:-)

Joe Coover - September 6, 2010 Reply

I like the Tiny Seattle Apartment because it’s so functional! I think I’m going to build mine more like a tumbleweed but with the interior space more like that apartment.

Maggie - September 6, 2010 Reply

I like tiny houses. The one that might best suit my needs is the Tumbleweed Popomo. I liked it because of the passive solar aspects, the lovely big doors which make nature a part of the living space, and the one level floor plan. At 65 there might be a time when I shall need to have only a single level.

Joaquin - September 6, 2010 Reply

Without a doubt, The Carre D’etoiles French Cube is my absolute favorite tiny home of all time. The attention to detail and use of clever interior design makes this 10x10x10 structure a home of my own heart. Regardless of the the small space, the house fails to get in the way of itself, which is a challenge all tiny home architects must face. I highly respect how the space flows and how every “room” play part in an integral whole, rather than independent partitions. Additionally, the simple, elegant exterior hold an aesthetic I’m sure any tiny house lover can appreciate. Thank you Tiny House Blog, and keep doing what you do best.

Randy - September 6, 2010 Reply

Well, some posts on THB are more applicable to me than others, but I’ve enjoyed them all. But, the two posts on tiny houses that stand out in my mind are Wendell Greenalgh’s “Little Idaho House” or the “Old fashioned gypsy cabin” for sale in Cottage Grove, OR. Both were awesome!

Anne - September 6, 2010 Reply

It’s so tough to pick a favorite! I loved the shabby-chic Victorian cottage in the Catskills, and I loved how the Taylor Smith Architects Sunset Cabin fits into its setting, I thought the tiny house in a landscape #60 looked like an incredible tiny vacation house.

My favorite would have to be building with whole trees ( I love the look of this with the bare trunks and branches in the simple interior with all the windows tying the inside and outside together. I could easily see myself enjoying life in a tiny house such as this! Thanks for bringing together all these varied options for tiny house living. 🙂

KCLowlife - September 6, 2010 Reply

I like Simon’s House the most because of all the curving walls and the bedroom just jutting out as a floor out the wall. No idea how he built it without codes giving him bloody hell.

Amanda - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love lots of the houses posted here, but my favourite so far is the Carre D’etoilles.

Angie D in Ohio - September 6, 2010 Reply

One of my favorite homes and blog entries was Hap & Lin’s cob house found here:

Their story really got me interested in the whole “tiny house” craze… I really want a tiny home now.

Great blog with awesome stories. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the awesome giveaway.


Clare - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love the Modern Cabana’s new studio…perfect size for me! I dream about a small house with just the essentials and while many of the Tiny House blog models meet that dream I would say Modern Cabana gets my vote.

Teleia - September 6, 2010 Reply

Like most people, I really like a lot of the designs on the Tiny House Blog–I look forward to these posts daily on facebook.

I love the Tumbleweed Houses, but my specs are different than others’ because I have to have a space for my mom and I need stairs so my dog can get up to my bedroom (and he’s big, so I can’t carry him up!).

I’m currently in love with the Baby Bear Cabin and the Summerwood cabins. They give me inspiration to save for a house; at some point I’ll have to choose one, and I don’t know what I’ll do then!

Drue - September 6, 2010 Reply

Just about every time I see a tiny landscape feature, that’s when I really get thinking seriously about tiny homes. Its the whole package, and it fits perfectly in the country of Druetopia (come visit sometime; its an ideallic place).

After all, I’m big about the outdoors. Less time in a small house; more time swimming around in a small corner of the universe.

Tiny house; big, beautiful planet; big, wonderful life.

Erin - September 6, 2010 Reply

I like the Tumbleweed homes… especially this one:

Erin Downing - September 6, 2010 Reply

I’m not sure I can narrow down my favorite. I send my husband a link to one about once a week. Enjoy your blog!

Ann (ProtoHaus builder) - September 6, 2010 Reply

My favorite tiny house is ProtoHaus… that’s because it’s mine!

Nancy - September 6, 2010 Reply

Every six months or so, I start plotting out my tiny Tumbleweed House life. (Maybe more often since I moved into an expensive Manhattan shoebox for grad school!) I like the idea of being able to pick up and move, and how everything has a place (so you live simply but not ascetically, unless you want to). They’re freaking adorable to boot. The Fencl would be my house of choice.

ALSO, this: is beautiful!

Jessica - September 6, 2010 Reply

I loved that little house in Kentucky on the little farm that you profiled a while back. It was so sweet! I tried to convince my husband that evening that we could make it work. Unfortunately all of our family, friends, jobs, everything we love is in New Jersey.

We are in the process of creating our own perfect small (not tiny) house out of our current small house. I was able to fix all of our issues within the very small footprint of our house, with the exception of one minor bump out.

Tracy - September 6, 2010 Reply

I can’t decide between the Kathi’s dollhouse and the one for under $3500 as my favorites. I haven’t seen one yet that’s JUST PERFECT for us yet. =P

Julie Morrison - September 6, 2010 Reply

Wow, what I wouldn’t give for Not Buying It. I am intune with the whole decluttering idea. Love the blog!

Thomas - September 6, 2010 Reply

Hmm, pick only one? That’s going to be tough. I love the Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, especially the Fencl. But I’d have to say that the Little Red Cabin is my favorite so far:

Chris Loach - September 6, 2010 Reply

Don’t know if I have a favorite but all of Jay’s stuff is top of the line. I like seeing people make their own custom adjustments to his stuff…

sherri pierson - September 6, 2010 Reply

picking one favorite is tough….i’ve built both small stone houses and gypsywagons but they’re not posted yet!
so, my favorite portable house is Todd Miller’s Oregon Cottage Grove house. Similiar to the Tumbleweed but more open layout inside (plus cove lighting)
my favorite small house is the classic hobbit house in Wales..

Hazel - September 6, 2010 Reply

I LOVE the TINY HOUSE BLOG! Most tiny homes would suit me just fine, and although I usually go for the cosy, quaint places, I’m going to vote for the clean, modern weehouse. I breathe a sign of relief when I see its minimalism. Thanks for the great job you do here!

Ryan - September 6, 2010 Reply

Oh I would have to go with the survivaball as my favorite. It is so portable, and it can handle any kind of weather.

Keith - September 6, 2010 Reply

The E.D.G.E. is such a cool design. I think it is big enough and innovative enough to have mass appeal.

Kimberly - September 6, 2010 Reply

I fell in love with small house living via Tumbleweed houses. The B53 is my favorite.

Kevin D. - September 6, 2010 Reply

It continues to fascinate me: the Free Spirit Sphere. An orb of a home dangling in the trees? I love it! It’s truly a dream home for me.

Karan - September 6, 2010 Reply

I really like the Sherpa Cabins. Very charming!

Kurt - September 6, 2010 Reply

I was going to vote for the Tumbleweed houses, but then the Shotgun Shack article, on the old plantation housing, caught my imagination. I really liked the way it was historical, and yet the decoration made it interesting. So, that would be my vote.

Kay in KCMO - September 6, 2010 Reply

Kathi’s Dollhouse is a favorite and the Tiny House in a Landscape from a couple of days ago have to be my favorites.

Sabine - September 6, 2010 Reply

Ross Chapin is my absolute favorite! Genius!

Katherine - September 6, 2010 Reply

I’m definitely loving the treehouses, like the Outa the woods one. Also, the cute cottages.

Dee Knuckey - September 6, 2010 Reply

The Habitaflex – not the most elegant and far from the tiniest, but love that someone could ship 1000 down to Haiti and put a big fast dent in the rebuild process…

Alissa - September 6, 2010 Reply

So many to choose from!! I love the houses on water, in trees, and underground for sure. I think design-wise, though, this one is my fav:

Keep up the good work!

Monica - September 6, 2010 Reply

Hard to pick just one. I float between being in love with the cabins and the more contemporary, mega window, high style babies. However, I think I’d have to go with. Stone Mtn Cabins by Kent Griswold on June 6th, 2008. I know it’s not very offthegrid of me to say, but I could sure enjoy watching some football in that stone beauty! 🙂

Heather - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love the Compact Beach Chalet. I’ve got kids, and I love a tiny house that has some extra bunks. Besides that, I enjoy anything that’s a dome or yurt!

Jan - September 6, 2010 Reply

My favorite tiny houses are the ones that float on water, especially sail boats! My favorite article was Living on a Boat,

Thanks for all your great ideas!!


Sandy - September 6, 2010 Reply

Tiny Texas Houses! Love his concept of recycing and his work is beautiful. I especially like this one he did for a B&B.

Daren - September 6, 2010 Reply

There are a number of tiny houses I like. However, if I had to pick one I would say that ProtoHaus has some of the features I am most interested in. Mainly the positioning of the bathroom, the dormer windows for more space in the loft and the roomy, integrated, covered deck.

Ellen - September 6, 2010 Reply

Like so many have said, it’s hard to choose just one. After doing some reviewing (and even that was hard as there are so many great houses) I think today I’d also pick Ken Griswold’s Little Red Cabin in the woods as my favorite:
I love the look of how it’s finished inside and out.

    Ellen - September 6, 2010 Reply

    Oops, my mistake. It isn’t Ken Griswold’s cabin but rather the one he REPORTED ON. I do love it though.

Abi - September 6, 2010 Reply

I’m a hardcore fan of cob/earthbag/straw bale houses, but the E.D.G.E. house is one of my weaknesses. I love the size, the clean, super minimalistic design, the lofts and all of the geeky green stuff (rainwater collection, geothermal heating & cooling, etc).

Julie - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love all of the Hobbit-like homes, but my favorite tiny home was the one made of what looked like a BEER KEG!

Russ - September 6, 2010 Reply

Can you believe it? This must be a record number of posts 🙂

Beverly - September 6, 2010 Reply

The old Kentucky log house that was featured and is for sale is one of my favorites, what’s not to love about that house!

In general, my favorites are any of the log houses.

alice - September 6, 2010 Reply

though it is really hard to choose, this particular tiny house really expresses my idea of home:

Amy - September 6, 2010 Reply

So many favorites to choose from! My top pick goes to the E.D.G.E. house:

It’s gorgeous, and the sliding panels for privacy are a really nice touch!

ginmar - September 6, 2010 Reply

Little houses are complicated for me. I’ve loved them for a long time, but oddly enough, what cemented my love for tiny spaces was a violent tour of duty in Iraq. You only have what you can carry with you; you cling to what matters, and you learn what’s important and what’s not. We had bunk beds; we stored our gear on the top bunk, then tossed our bug netting and a blanket over it, and that was all hte privacy we needed. It was a refuge, and it was valuable. I cannot describe the sheer horror of some of that time—nor the amazement at discovering just how decent people can be.

I came back and got desperately sick, and what I wanted was a small space that embraced me, which big spaces simply don’t do. I felt like I was being chocked by stuff that was keeping me tied down.

So the entries that appeal to me most are the vardos, the tiniest of tiny spaces, with that feeling of being embraced by one’s space, and the necessity of living one’s life outside that space. I’ve always loved small spaces, but now they seem to recreate the most dangerous and important period of my life, and make me feel safe enough to get better and get on with living.

    lindimity - September 7, 2010 Reply

    Bless you. Praying that you find rest and peace.

      ginmar - September 7, 2010 Reply

      You’re very kind.

Matt - September 6, 2010 Reply

Favorite TH is Simon’s Eco-House

…also, I’m not greedy and would like to suggest that since you are giving away 8 books…maybe you could just give 8 people 1 book each. “spread the wealth” as they say!!!

Val - September 6, 2010 Reply

I’m especially drawn to the treehouses, and my favorite is ‘Outa-the-Woods’ owned by Mike Zamara and Debbie Lungal Zamara.

Darren - September 6, 2010 Reply

I love Joseph and Sandys 350 Square Foot plan I just downloaded it. the price was right free

Rod Justice - September 6, 2010 Reply

Billie’s Big Little House. Beautiful plan!

Elizabeth - September 6, 2010 Reply

wow… it’s like having to decide which child is your favorite!! too many to choose from.

one story that inspired me was the one originally posted in the New York Times
about the young couple (with toddler) who live in a Yurt in Seldovia Alaska… completely off grid AND in the middle of ‘nowhere’. Their story inspires me and makes me realize that moving into my school bus aint no big deal 🙂

emily - September 6, 2010 Reply

my favorite home so far is the teeny one built with scraps on a trailer bed by that pioneer woman that used to be in a traveling carnival. that was bad ass.

lindimity - September 7, 2010 Reply

How to choose a favorite?! I love the look of Simon’s hobbit-type house, but for actual living I would have to choose either the Eco-House or Wendell Greenalgh’s Little Idaho House. I just love checking out your website every day to see what’s new, and I’d be thrilled to get any of your gift books.

John - September 7, 2010 Reply

I like the Park Model Homes designs. It’s a toss up as to my favorite; I like the Royal and Estate models. I’d love to plop one of them next to lake Okoboji. 🙂

Andi - September 7, 2010 Reply

I really love the floating house in the Swedish archipelago. I love the clean design of the white walls and light wood.

I also really like the one I think is called the Wee House.

I would love to win these books.

JT - September 7, 2010 Reply

It’s always been my dream to have a cabin on the mountain. But life threw me a curve ball and I’m disabled now. When I seen the Log Cabin on a trailer by Forest Cabins in CO . I fell in love with it. It would allow me to tow it up the Bighorn Mountain ( we live at the base of the Bighorn Mountains in WY ) and live in a cabin on the mountain every summer. You see, you can camp on the bighorn mountain free all summer long as long as your 1/4 mile off the main road and as long as you move your camper 5 miles every 2 week. ( can’t leave it in the same spot all summer )
Anyway, that’s my favorite tini home so far. But there have been many many runner ups.


Ken - September 7, 2010 Reply

Stone Mountain Cabins

donna - September 7, 2010 Reply

I’m totally drawn to the tiny house concept. Living with less is MORE. I go back and forth from trailers, to pre-fab, to cottages, etc…they all have unique features and benefits to each individual space.

But today my all time favorite that makes my heart skip a beat would hands down be the E.D.G.E.

Pat - September 7, 2010 Reply

My very favorite, and it’s very hard to choose because it changes from day to day, is the Baby Bear Cabin by Pennypincher. Perhaps because it’s Monday morning and that’s where I’d rather be.

Bonita - September 7, 2010 Reply

My favorite has always been the ProtoHaus because of the aesthetic design and use of space. I however have purchased a larger tiny house on wheels that I think I will (eventually) be able to live in full time.

PonyRyd - September 7, 2010 Reply

My favorite is not actually a house, but I have a saved link to Tiny House in a Landscape –

Just dreaming about retirement I guess! 🙂

Vaidotas - September 7, 2010 Reply
is perfect

DanO - September 7, 2010 Reply

Without a doubt, my favorite tiny house is Brad Kittel’s Victorian with all of the salvaged wood and fixtures. Such a cozy nook, and Brad endeavors to make then 99% recycled and salvaged materials.


Amy - September 7, 2010 Reply

I have loved just about every tiny home I’ve seen here so far however I have to say that my favorite is my own 380 sqft cabin It’s nothing fancy and in continual process but it is my home.


Michelle - September 7, 2010 Reply

Although it is a little larger then what would be considered tiny at 800 sq. ft., I really like the house designer/builder Ted Owens created. It can be seen at

I like so many of his ideas. Being a fiber artist, I need a bit more room to accommodiate my spinning wheels, looms and fibers, so I might need to build two tiny houses, one to live in and one for a studio.

I enjoy your website, keep up the good work!!!

Pilgrim22 - September 7, 2010 Reply

My favorite tiny home is — Our Little Cabin Up the Lake. I enjoyed the whole series of posts about Margy and Wayne Lutz’s floating house on Powell River, BC.

Kent, how about after the contest doing a post showing a table of all the votes.

    Kent Griswold - September 7, 2010 Reply

    Great idea James with internal links to all the favorites. I’ll plan on that.

Grant Wagner - September 7, 2010 Reply

Oh! I want in!

My favorites are the home made, mobiles. I especially like the Don Vardo, Dee’s place and Zoey’s place

Stormimay - September 7, 2010 Reply

I love It suits my dreams of whimsy and nature. I also really like

We rent something not even approaching a tiny house right now, but I am dreaming of someday incorporating tiny house methods and ideals into a cozy and functional home for my family of nine.

Tara - September 7, 2010 Reply

Its so hard to narrow down a favorite. I was recently impressed with the, but I’ll always be a big fan of the tumbleweed houses. I also love hearing about individual tiny houses being built like the Alaska log cabin couple and the Gypsy Rose.

Terry - September 7, 2010 Reply

i love all tiny houses. but the house posted on sept. 4th filled my heart with joy. the picture of the woman walking to this wonderful house with a dark sky is beautiful. this is the kind of solitude i crave at times and on that day i would of moved there in a heart beat. 🙂 thanks for all of your posts on these great small spaces.

terry lillie

Sage - September 7, 2010 Reply

I have found this lovely shanty over the river to be quite inspirational. Dreaming of how to adapt such a design to fit my location in N. Cali.

Lucius3 - September 7, 2010 Reply

I’ve got to go with the original Tumbleweed house; it’s what opened my eyes and got my attention directed toward to TH movement —

Becki - September 7, 2010 Reply

There have been so many lovely homes posted but I think my favorite tiny house has been Simon’s Eco-House in Wales. It looks so beautiful in the photos and the design seems quite functional, the best of both worlds really.

Dono - September 7, 2010 Reply

I’m in,
My fav is the Crib. But my all time Fav has to be the bolt together house from Family Circle magazine in 1972, revisited in Lester R. Walker’s, Tiny Book of Tiny Houses, as well as at…

Don’t know if that was on your blog, but I dig it.


Nitheen - September 7, 2010 Reply

I liked most of the tiny homes, but I feel that “Small built-in barn style” at Oakland, California is very comfortable too, so I like it.

Ana - September 7, 2010 Reply

I think I’ve fallen in love with the dome homes from Curved by Design. I love the shape of these homes and the design inside, and how the materials used are considered “scrap” and would normally have been thrown away.

Dono - September 7, 2010 Reply

Do I have to link to a favorite house from this site…

The Crib…

Just making sure my vote is official.

Northwoods Girl - September 7, 2010 Reply

My favorite tiny home is also a House in the Landscape –

This is my inspiration! I grew up in the upper midwest, and this reminds me of that wild country. I love that the home looks like it belongs…

Barb - September 7, 2010 Reply

My favorite is this beautiful floating home. How unique! Even the gardens are floating. Talking about overcoming obstacles – this is it.

Claire - September 7, 2010 Reply

I think Simon’s eco house is beautiful, and it is my favorite!

Luci - September 7, 2010 Reply

My favorite little house is the Little Cob Cabin (in the snow)
it just looks so inviting and I love the organic essence of the house!

Ghislaine - September 7, 2010 Reply

I really like the roundhouse that was built in Wales you recently posted. The train depots are great too though!

Susan P. - September 7, 2010 Reply

I LOVE the dollhouse….not just because it is my state of Georgia, but also because it is cute, practical, awesome, and looks like a HOME.

Mary - September 7, 2010 Reply

I loved the Tiny Texas homes. Such pretty colors. I loved the wood and the recycled elements. They caused a lump in my throat.

lucy - September 7, 2010 Reply

I always like the Gypsy Wagons and have seen several highlighted here.

They remind me of an old friend who
found himself in a deteriating marriage once and being a terrific boat carpenter, built himself the most beautiful little Gypsy Wagon where he lived on a friend’s farm quite comfortable for a few years.

Faberuna - September 7, 2010 Reply

What a great collection! I would love to get my hands on them.

Faberuna - September 7, 2010 Reply

Forgot to mention my favorite house:

The Lusby is my dream!

Eric - September 7, 2010 Reply

My favorite is the Zook cabins:

As much as building my own place appeals to me, the area I like like is too far away to realistically build a place by myself. The Zook cabins are affordable, come in many versatile plans, the options are clearly defined on the website as well as the site requirements, and I could see my wife living in one, unlike the more radical designs that I prefer. Easily the most practical pre-fabs I’ve seen. Also they are in the east, which seems rare for these companies.

Sharon and Bob Kortuem - September 7, 2010 Reply

Reading this blog takes me back many years when we first got fired up about straw bale houses, then underground houses… and finally settling on log houses, since we bought a 40 full of lodge pole pine in Western MT. Our first “cabin” was 20’x20′ where all 7, yes 7 of us lived for 6 years sans, electricity, running water, indoor bathroom…- yes, we were delayed hippies, I guess. One thing is certain. We CHOSE this lifestyle. It was not forced upon us, and our grown children now speak fondly about their childhood memories there.

Our next small-space-living-adventure was aboard our 36′ ketch in Puget Sound where the two of us lived for 10 years. We loved it and realized that really this small space was all that was necessary to carry on our professional lives, live more simply, and have Saturdays to do other things than mow a lawn or clean a huge house.

Presently we’re building a small log cottage next to the original bigger log house, which will become a future vacation rental to keep us going in our retirement financially. We’ll be cozy in the cottage.

Oh, how my son and his new wife in Alaska would love to receive your small house book collection. He is a new architect and she will begin environmental law studies soon. Both are in love with the philosophies of living with less in smaller houses and want to develop this passion much as we did when we were young, Thank you for considering them as receivers of your collection. It would be a perfect birthday gift for them- Sept. 16 and 26th!

Jennifer Y - September 7, 2010 Reply

I enjoy everything that is posted on tiny house blog – it is one of my daily inspirations. My favorite is the set of Zen tinies created for a Buddhist community by Tortoise Shell. I love the idea of having cozy private spaces plus a house for community activities.

Cass - September 7, 2010 Reply


allison kurtz - September 7, 2010 Reply

i am inspired by all tiny houses on here.
one of the cooler ones

i like using surrounding materials for building.
thanks for this great site.

Jeffery B. - September 7, 2010 Reply

I love the Fencl! I’ve had many dreams of drinking tea on a cold winter’s morning from the bay window. while watching the sun rise.

Kate - September 8, 2010 Reply

It is hard to pick one favourite! At the moment I’m very enamoured of the Shelter House –

It’s got a lovely combination of oldness and newness, stone and wood, indoor space and outdoor space – I love houses that make the outdoors a part of the living area, and the Shelter House does that in a very creative way.

Tom - September 8, 2010 Reply

My favorite tiny house was Ms Cannon’s house. She was my neighbor growing up and lived in a 16 X 16 house that her husband built for her in the 30’s. It had a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom complete with tub.

B.A. Yoder - September 8, 2010 Reply

Love the Portland Tiny Houses! Recycle and reuse! Plus I’m a sucker for shingle exteriors.

B Yoder

Dave - September 8, 2010 Reply

Four People Living in 180 Square Feet

Great use of space!

Joe - September 8, 2010 Reply

I really like the use of architectural salvage by Brad Kittel at Texas Tiny Houses.

PJ - September 8, 2010 Reply

That’s a tough one. I’ve seen so many permutations that it’s difficult to pick one so I guess I’ll have to say it’s the one that originally brought me here to this site. It’s a small bungalow in southern California with a slanted roof and room divider that also acts as a design element on the exterior. I wish I knew the name of it. Does anyone know which one I’m talking about?

Dax Wagner - September 8, 2010 Reply

The best tiny house I’ve ever seen was introduced on this very blog. The Ideabox has the perfect mix of tiny space with expandability and modern lines.

Mike Love - September 8, 2010 Reply

My current favorite is by Pennypincher Barns featured on tiny house blog see link :

Lori - September 8, 2010 Reply

I love the Pennypincher’s Baby Bear Cabin posted on August 22nd this year.

Bec - September 8, 2010 Reply

I have to say that since seeing it on the blog a couple of weeks ago, I’m in love with the Baby Bear cabin. That being said, I love all of the tiny homes on the blog!

Peter Engbretson - September 8, 2010 Reply

I admire seriously “tiny” houses and those who design, build and live in them. But as an elder(not to be confused with “Geezer”) with — in spite of minimalist tendencies — the need for more space than, say, the Tumble Weed offers, I must opt for the Sonoma Victorian Cottage( a favorite. I hope you folks were able to accept the invitation to stay there for a bit. I’d be interested to learn of your experience.
PS: Excellent collection of books!

Dixter - September 8, 2010 Reply

Tiny house in a landscape Sept. 4 2010.
It lights up all my Heidi pictures. I want to find a lovely, grumpy old Grandfather inside.

Ann - September 9, 2010 Reply

A few years ago I was googling about yurts and stumbled on Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed EPU cottage. I absolutely loved it. I have my own not-so-tiny cottage (but still under 700 sq. ft.) built in the 1940’s in need of some TLC. I continue to “clear the clutter” to lead a less material life. Love your site!

Wendy Guidry - September 9, 2010 Reply

I’m a new follower, but this is the pic that caught my attention ..

love, love, love the concept of living in a small space, using minimal resources in a rural area.

Cathy Lawson - September 9, 2010 Reply

I loved the new post with the FabCab–they’re buildings are great combination of rustic and modern.

Kaitlyn - September 9, 2010 Reply

I do not yet have the privilege to own a tiny house, but when I do buy, it will be tiny!! I love the post on these cabin layouts from a long while ago. I love cabins, and these are just really beautifully laid out!

b - September 9, 2010 Reply

My husband and I spend our winters in a old park model put on the perfect millions dollar space in a RV resort. We love our small space and all that it offers. Love this blog and will link to it.

We live in a smallish condo in Oregon in the summer. The books look wonderful. I would love to win!

Thank you.



Caroline - September 10, 2010 Reply

pick me, pick me

Dave mac - September 12, 2010 Reply

I typically embrace my inner yurt but I have my sights on my retirement camp.

Love the blog!

sjensen - September 12, 2010 Reply

The yurt design is interesting:

stephen conrad - September 13, 2010 Reply

i love all of the modern mini homes, and the way they keep the sophisticated and chic look as the scale lowers.

Sarah - September 13, 2010 Reply

I love the tiny home movement. My next house is going to be one.

tmsky - May 26, 2017 Reply

I love the Tin Cob House! So organic and welcoming.

chevrolet newway - July 10, 2017 Reply

I’m a new follower

ford phu my - July 10, 2017 Reply

i love all of the modern mini homes,

Honda oto Long Bien - September 16, 2017 Reply

Amazing … i thinks so …he winner will be chosen on Tuesday September 14th using We will ship the books to the winner and do a post on the winner and their favorite tiny house.

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