Milton Studio

Milton Studio


Thanks again to Alex of Shedworking fame for finding this beautiful studio designed by Cameron Scott of Timber Design. It is 5m x 3.5m (15 x 10 ft) and designed as a contemporary timber architecture studio. Personally, I think it would make a nice tiny space for someone who wanted to live the tiny house lifestyle.

The Garden Studio has lovely river views. The studio is eco-friendly, built from naturally durable larch and insulated with local sheep’s wool.


The building sits on steel micro-pile foundations with a simple but effective roof covering of corrugated steel sheet and glass. No concrete foundation is involved. It fits into its natural surroundings and opens up to the world via a glass-sliding wall.

The build will be one of 15 projects in an exhibition at the marvelous Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World that will go on tour to The Architecture Centre and beyond.

Is there any way we can bring this beauty across the pond to America?

Photo Credits – Adam Milton


  1. The concept and design is great. I would love to put this studio in my backyard, wondering about neighbors feelings and permits. Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. but they are expensive! i love them, but why is anything beautiful so costly? really. think about it. can’t beauty and simplicity combine into affordability? is that impossible?

  3. love the studio. put a bathroom on one end with a kitchen set up in front of it and a murphy bed on the other end wall and it would be fabulous!!!