Zook Cabins

Blending the benefits of a prefab, a log cabin and a mobile home, Zook Cabins, built by the Amish in Pennsylvania, offers several different types of fully assembled cabins in single or double-wide units that can be delivered directly to your property. Several different floorplans are also available, as well as customization and integration of your own design.

Adirondack Cabin

Zook Cabins are offered as fully assembled units for the simple reason in that it makes it easier on the owner. The Zook website says that most buyers of kit homes don’t have a lot of time or extra hands to construct a cabin from a kit or from scratch. Also, if your building site isn’t precisely level, the precut lumber doesn’t fit, or if you place one piece wrong you fight everything the rest of the way, and sometimes a piece will be cut wrong at the factory. Couple that with the fact that very few people have ever assembled a kit, and have yet to face the frustrations of doing it themselves or finding someone to do it for them.

Double-Wide Settler

One of the smallest pre-assembled cabins by Zook Cabin is the Settler Cabin. The single wide Settler comes in two widths: 12 foot and 14 foot. It offers the economy of a single wide building with all the comforts of small log home. The settler offers a 6 foot porch in the front of the building and is an economic building that is perfect for a small weekend retreat, office, hunting cabin, or mountain cabin. The floorplans can include up to 2 bedrooms, and one bathroom. The Settler has stained log siding, one wood entrance door or an insulated 6 panel steel door with stand house lock set, 24X 36 inch aluminum single hung vertical sliding windows with poly baton shutters, and 2X6 foot rafters. Several options are available including a finished Interior, hardwood flooring, electrical wiring, a bathroom package, a kitchenette, full insulation and a loft.

Another small cabin by Zook is the Adirondack. This model offers a 12 pitch roof which gives you room to have a lofted area above your first floor. That lofted area allows for additional storage, or a sleeping area. Loft space is over the porch, and is also available over portions or all of the first floor. The Adirondack offers stained log siding, one wood entrance door or an insulated 6 panel steel door with stand house lock set, a 6 foot porch with log railing, a 6 foot loft over porch, 30X48 inch insulated single hung vertical sliding windows with poly baton shutters, one 24″X36″ insulated vertical sliding windows with poly baton shutters in loft and 12 inch pitch scissor truss 2 foot OC.

The cost of each cabin depends on where you live and the size of the cabin. You can contact Zook Cabins directly by visiting the website or calling (610) 593-4556.

Below you can see a video of a double wide Settler Cabin being delivered.

Zook Cabin Settler Delivery

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Peter - August 3, 2010 Reply

It’s worth noting that these folks also offer, according to their web sited, pre-inspected, code compliant, permanent modular homes for about 10% more than the mobile cabins.

B @ cup + penny - August 3, 2010 Reply

I think I stayed in one of these when I was little! We were on a camping trip somewhere on the west coast; it may have been a KOA. They had put a little porch swing up. It was lovely.

I check out your blog every day. I love seeing these tiny homes. I keep trying to persuade my husband to let us go smaller than our current 900 foot condo.

Is it alright if I link your site on my blog?

    Kent Griswold - August 3, 2010 Reply

    Sure you can link from your blog to the Tiny House Blog. Also good luck with your blog, be sure and write about something you are passionate about and stick with it and you will soon have people following you too.

MarkE - August 3, 2010 Reply

I love these little homes. They are really efficient with solar panels to store electric and LED lighting for night lighting. I was glad that the cabin did not have a window AC unit shown. I am not sure what the unit is that is shown – but I installed some really cool ACs I purchased from Mitsubishi. They are wall mounted too, but much smaller and probably quieter than the one in the photo. I know the one we use is Energy Start and has an amazing SEER rating of 19! They have them all the way up to 23. Also, it is important to understand how condensation is dealt with. You do not want to wake up to water stains on the floor. Therefore it’s best to understand how to maintain these small AC units and prevent any surprises down the road.

Thank you Mr. Griswold for a great place to read about Tiny houses that anyone can love to stay in.

Anne - August 8, 2010 Reply

Nice. Look extremely well made.

dixie barb - December 1, 2011 Reply

the cost of cape plan 14ca7o4 and the 14 40 can me at 360 880 0236 dixie barb

Linton Wells - May 14, 2013 Reply

Hi, our Kentucky company Amish Cabin Company also offers pre-built Amish cabins and delivers them ready for same day use. Our cabins are made in an off-grid Amish facility on a Kentucky Amish farm, with heating provided by in floor radiant heated fueled by outdoor woodburning furnace and equipment powered by onsite generator. We build up to 14′ x 40′ pre-built cabins. We also make cabin kits and custom onsite built cabins. Please see http://www.amishcabincompany.com for info or email sales@amishcabincompany.com or call 606-922-8401.

Tricia - April 24, 2014 Reply

I live in the Adirondack model with my two children and it’s wonderful. We put ours on a cinderblock foundation with a crawl space. For 3 days with had a crew of really nice Amish guys putting it together. They assemble the roof on-site, and put in the loft railings and lighting fixtures, etc. It was amazing to watch.

I opted to skip a built in kitchen because of weird county regulations, and instead use a convection oven, electric hob and an enormous commercial sink. The Adirondack model comes with two lofts- one half the sf of the footprint, plus another much smaller one over the porch- in addition to a decent sized bedroom.

The whole thing is solid and a dream to live in. I think the only thing missing are some structural beams across the vaulted ceiling, to add flavor more than anything else.

Mathew B. - February 25, 2016 Reply

How much do these little cabins cost?

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