by Kent Griswold on January 17th, 2008. 12 Comments
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Yurts are a good place to to try out tiny house living as we’ve stated before. Here’s a nice design from The Bakery Group called the Yurta.

They’re built in the Lanark Highlands area of Canada using local and sustainable materials, including white ash and cedar.

Yurta’s structure is made of wood with the outer covers marine canvas or polyesters.


I like the yurta structure because the usual lattice is minimized and the windows are more open than in other yurt structures. This yurt is also easily moved because the weight is less than 300 lbs. and fits in a 4 x 8 foot trailer. Yurta states that 2 people can assemble the yurt in 45 minutes. Here is what they have to say about there yurta:

“The circular space is simply beautiful; combining the finest elements of traditional and modern designs. The structure of the wall, or lattice, is minimized to not only make transport and setup easier, but to add a lighter look and feel to the space. With less structure in the way, windows are accessible and airy making the indoors of the Yurta feel like an extension of its natural surroundings. The canvas shell allows for a gentle glow with little to obstruct the sounds of its outdoor environment.”

General Pricing

Yurta Model 17.72 (6′ Wall) Entry PackageWood frame, Door assembly, Sky dome, Outer covers with 3 windows.CA $7, 700

Yurta Model 17.72 (6′ Wall) 4 Season PackageWood frame, Door assembly, Sky dome, Outer covers with 3 windows, Fullinsulation (wool felt), Wall liner.CA $11,150

The models above are standard packages, which can be customized byselecting additional windows and fabric colours.

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12 Responses to “Yurta”

  1. candy says:

    i am hoping to buy a small yurt. do you have an agent in france? or can you ship to uk or france easily? any advice gratefully received…… many thanks. candy nathan

  2. Kent says:

    Hi Candy,

    I am not with Yurta, just wrote a little about their product. You will need to email them to find out that information. Yurta’s email address is: yurts@bakerygroup.com or give them a call at: 1 877 213 3099

    Hope that helps!


  3. wolfsbane says:

    They seem to have a new website.


  4. Leonid Nekrasov says:

    Beautiful tent. As it can be purchased in Russia? Send more information about your yurt.

  5. Dr. T. F. Gregor says:

    Build a better mousetrap and nature builds a better mouse, why does this thing simly look like a redesigned tee-pee.

  6. Erik says:

    We saw one of these home-made by an Israeli couple out in the mountains overlooking the Dead Sea. It was very well constructed and looked like a pretty inexpensive way into a first home.

    Great site by the way :)

  7. I can supply original Mongolina jurta! I am a Mongolian and we sell Mongolian hand made original yurtas. Any size and any quality and quantity! Please contact me via email or yahoo messenger. email: contact@lavlah.mn yahoo messenger: mr_ad2233@yahoo.de

  8. Valerie says:

    I have heard that yurts can be damaged by bears, in Ontario. Does anybody know anthing about that? I’d like to build one, but that has me wondering if it would be too costly to keep repairing the scratches on the covers.

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