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Unfinished Business – How to Rebuild My Life

—By Brian Platt Looking back on it, I might as well have said “let’s build a rocket ship” I was so out of my element. But now, three months later and after gaining experience with log tongs, ridge poles, and reimagined “non-permitted structure” foundations, I’d compare it more to building a Boeing-787. Still well out […]

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Robin Hood’s Hideout and Havenwald

Hi Kent, I found your blog long about 2012 after I added up what I’d spent in rent over the past 20 years (somewhere in the neighbourhood of $194,000.) Determined to live a life I love, I’d left my soulless corporate job, and started painting again. But the high cost of living in LA was […]

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A Very Tiny (House) Christmas

As can be expected, our little family’s choice to live tiny generates a lot of buzz and tons of questions. Why did you decide to do this? How do you survive with two kids in such a small space? Are you going stir crazy in the winter months? The most commonly asked question we have […]

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