My Tiny House Travel Trailer

I’ve finally gotten my tiny house travel trailer far enough along that I’m able to enjoy it. It’s somewhat unique. I can’t believe how long it takes to go from places because so many people stop me to look and ask about it.

It took me just over 2 years to build. It’s built on a cargo trailer. It actually can be lifted off the cargo trailer with the car lift in my garage. I built it because all the small campers that I could find that were new seemed very expensive. And I could not find anything used that was in good shape.

I carry a Honda eu 2000 generator in my pickup. It powers the a/c, induction cook top, heat, or toaster oven. Not all at the same time of course. I have a vmax 150 ah agm battery up front which powers my 12v lights and maxair fan. Also have built in cell phone charging and a couple 12 volt outlets. I can run on the battery easily for 2 weeks. Probably bought bigger than I needed. I have a iota 30 amp charger/converter. Seems to charge the battery well. I built in a 12 volt digital gauge as a battery monitor.

The axle weight is 2610#. The tongue weight is 300#. Tows great.

The food is stored in a built in igloo cooler. I bought a coolermate ice insert. It keeps food nice and cold and I only have to add ice about every 4 days. Was far cheaper than a 12v refrigerator. I may consider a 12v refrigerator some day with solar. But for now this works well.

I put a futon up front for sleeping. It’s comfortable and opens if I want. I have a 16 gallon fresh water tank and gray water tank. For a toilet I just have a large portapottie.

The goal was to have it look a little like a train car, to reduce the aerodynamic drag a bit while not have it be impossible to build. My Toyota Tacoma easily tows it and gets 13 to 15 mpg.

Works great. David P.

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Shirley - June 13, 2017 Reply

I’m jealous.

total_loss - September 24, 2017 Reply

Just curious, because we also have 2016 Access cab Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4×4, pulling a 26 foot TT. Yours looks like the same year as ours. Do you live in this, or is it just for short vacations. Would like to know more, since you appear to have close to the same truck as are’s.

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