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The Lorry Life

The idea for the lorry from not liking paying rent really. Then I started looking in the #vanlife movement and I liked t a lost and was planning a van. Then I found the tiny house movement going on in the US and I love all the ideas they were coming up with. I also […]

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Jacqueline’s Minty Turd

My tiny is a work in progress. Meet “The Minty Turd”, and yes, I know, it’s a terrible name, but when I’ve got it to where I want it, the name will fade away. Meanwhile, it’s pretty appropriate. My soon to be fully lived in tiny house is a 1954 Michigan Arrow, built by the […]

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Our Tiny Home on Wheels, Clifford the Van.

We met Clifford while searching for Sprinter vans on Craigslist in Los Angeles in March of this year. He had 400,000 miles on his paws, but with a new engine, he was ready for another 400k. We loved his bright red color and quickly made plans to convert him into a full time Tiny Home […]

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