Kristie Wolfe’s Unique Airbnbs

Lookout airbnb

In the past ten years, Kristie Wolfe has made a name for herself as the queen of unique Airbnbs. I’ve covered her several times on the Tiny House Blog and experienced one of her unique stays: The Crystal Peak Lookout. Kristie’s Unique Airbnbs. Here is a list with links to … Read more

Canadian Tiny Home Build

One of my favorite things to do over the years here on the Tiny House Blog is to share your tiny house story or journey. Rowena from Canada contacted me the other day and shared a note about their journey and a few pictures. I’m hoping this will give you … Read more

Freedom and Tiny House Living

Sheep wagon

When you join the Tiny House Blog email list I send out a series of common questions and answers about tiny houses. One of the questions is “What is a tiny house?” I enjoy getting email responses from people and it helps me learn a little about you. The other … Read more

Off Grid Mountain Urban Colorado Tiny Cabin

This journey started in 2006 when my wife and I purchased 35 acres of remote land near the Colorado/Wyoming border.  My initial plan was to build this kit Jamaica Cottage Shop Vermont Cottage My first of many mistakes was purchasing this before finding out what my county would allow to … Read more

It’s Not About The Tiny House

Six big reasons our family has lived tiny for eight years It started off as a girl and her dog, Denver. Eventually, I met my partner, James, who came on board. We’ve had a couple of kids, Hazel (6), and Miles (5), and they found a cat, Ginger. Together, the … Read more

Ever Consider Living in a Tent?

We Did as Seniors and Ended up Loving it by Richard & Laura Pawlowski Are you considering test living in a tiny home — before you buy or build one? Or, are you having trouble paying your mortgage or paying rent and need a new place to live? Perhaps you … Read more

The Tiny Housing Co Story…

We’ve all been there, where we look at our current lifestyle of accumulating more, aiming for bigger jobs, more money, bigger homes, more clutter, and wonder does any of it even matter? Does any of it bring true meaningful joy? Bigger homes come with more responsibility, require more income, and … Read more